The Renner and Koos legacy

By: Diane Benjamin

I received a comment on my site last night that is sad on many levels. It doesn’t bode well for the future of especially Bloomington:

Your citizens no longer feel safe living in Bloomington Tari. Thanks to Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill for adding the destruction of the civil society. When good people relocate because they fear the radicals who demand compliance to their agenda, Bloomington doesn’t have a future.

From the pic below these are your people Tari. You played with fire and got burned. Is that why you aren’t running again?

I’m sure Normal police allowing their cars to be damaged while watching Target get looted isn’t giving citizens confidence in their government either. Since Mayor Chris Koos was watching the destruction he allowed anarchy.

Note the writer mentions high taxes. The Bloomington budget isn’t $60 million higher under Renner because of magic money. That money was stolen from the people who earned so government could redistribute it as they saw fit.

See the comment in this story if you can’t read it above:

10 thoughts on “The Renner and Koos legacy

  1. It is sad that we have let it go this far. This is what happens when people don’t care, don’t vote and don’t pay attention to the government’s slow destruction of what we once had here.

    Thanks, Mayor Renner
    Thanks, Mayor Koos

    Your legacies will be a stain on the history of this area marking the beginning of our decline.

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    1. Tom, if a family moves to Bloomington because they thought it was a nice place to raise their children, then they realize there is a serious leadership issue promoting defunding the police following the riots and looting, any sane parent would up and move. I thank God every day that my children are grown. Only one remains in Bloomington.

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  2. koos & renner BOTH have contributed to the general decline of TWO one PROUD cities!
    And with THEIR hand picked cronies like Craybeak and Jenn it WILL just get worse!

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  3. I remember a year ago or so, Renner and Koos went to some “mayor’s retreat” and came back saying Blono was a “destination” for millennial. Maybe it’s like everything else – only millennial who THINK LIKE THEM are welcome here

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