2 things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin WGLT revealed why Mollie Ward was Renner’s pick to fill out the rest of Scott Black’s term: https://www.wglt.org/post/renner-tabs-fierce-advocate-west-bloomington-council-vacancy#stream/0Mollie Ward, left, of Not In Our Town, kicked off a vigil outside Bloomington City Hall in March of 2018 in a push for a welcoming city ordinance” Renner evidently wants the Council and the City at war with anyone who believes laws matter. I bet an ordinance is on the agenda soon and it passes 5-4. Maybe looting for reparations will be legalized next.
Connect Transit named Normal’s former City Manager Mark Peterson as interim director. https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/mark-peterson-named-connect-transits-next-interim-general-manager/article_a5701f1d-03a9-58e6-9609-cfad8e5a8369.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1 Ever notice how the chairs just keep getting rearranged on the Titanic?

6 thoughts on “2 things you need to know

  1. The ONLY person WORSE then Mark Peterson was Dave Anderson, and he was a REAL Horses A++
    A cobra snake had more charm then he did!
    MAybe we can name some uptown dumb feature after Mark??
    uptown SURE can pick them!

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    1. We already have named a dumb uptown feature after Peterson! Have you been to Mark Peterson plaza? We have his name engraved in stone. At taxpayer expense, of course.

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  2. More SJW bs from Renner and his ilk are likely already pre-planned and in the works. Meanwhile, businesses and jobs are making a hasty exit. The Bloomington leadership actually still believe there’s nothing to worry about and that Big Red will always be here. Haha! That’s a good one. Mark is an absolute jerk and a bully. He’s Koos former enforcer. Expect him to pick a fight and get nasty with the future mayor of Normal. The elitist political class is circling the wagons to protect their (taxpayer-funded) golden goose, no show, no results jobs.


  3. CT is one of the most visual examples of government waste. 3 riders on million dollar buses that destroy roads. Peterson was on the CT board for years and helped orchestrate this taxpayer funded boondoggle. Don’t expect anything to be fixed under his watch. The build larger government agenda will continue forward.

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    1. Shaw is another nut case via New York and another believer that the westside revitalization project is a game changer for west side Bloomington residents along with the stupid “tool library”. The sad thing is this sociopath, like Renner, has access to impressionable kids that pay a fortune to take his insane far left drivel as gospel.

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