Feeling okay Koos?

By. Diane Benjamin

This sage started with a planted story at WGLT, it needed 3 reporters to write it:    koos-says-nord-went-lone-wolf-fire-department-merger-uptown-recruitment

Then it got funnier when the Pantagraph decided it was news:  koos-nord-acted-alone-to-poach-bloomington-business

Somebody please check on Chris.  Make sure he isn’t suicidal or buying a gun.  He’s obviously lost his mind over Stan Nord.

Koos thinks Stan tried to poach a Bloomington business so Normal can sublease the second floor of 1 Uptown Circle instead of paying $35000+ a month.  Mayor:  Representing taxpayers is why Stan was elected.

Koos can’t tolerate that!

Besides Mr. Mayor, what two BLOOMINGTON businesses did you poach for Trail East?  Isn’t it AFNI and Farnsworth?  Aren’t you still mad at Renner for ending the Metro- Zone?  Didn’t that cost you more than $1,000,000 every year?  Tari is your best buddy?  Sure.

Citizens aren’t stupid.  They can see through WGLT.  They can see through the Pantagraph thinking the story is news.  These are Koos’ people.  Neither exists for the people forced to pay for the local nonsense.

It must have been a slow news day.  It isn’t safe to jog on Constitution Trail at 6:30 in the morning (WJBC: npd-woman-attacked-while-jogging-on-trail) , but Koos’ folly is news.  Maybe the local media didn’t want to report Koos doesn’t know the law:  https://blnnews.com/2019/07/16/koos-thinks-trustees-merely-rubber-stamp/

Taxpayers have Stan Nord defending their interests and pocketbooks.  Pocketbooks were Koos’ favorite thing to pick.  With every attack on Stan, Koos looks more and more like a whipped puppy.

whi[[ed puppy

Need more proof media is fixed for Koos?  The Pantagraph story doesn’t allow comments.

The war is on, Koos is losing badly.  Thanks for getting Tari involved now Chris.  Take him down with you.

11 thoughts on “Feeling okay Koos?

  1. Fuhrer Koos is going to blow a head gasket if this keeps up. Stan is the people’s gift who just keeps on giving. So Fuhrer Koos, you are at the point (already) that you and your bought and paid for lapdog media shills are trying to marginalize and isolate Stan Nord with BS business poaching (loose cannon) accusations? Pathetic in so many ways! News flash Fuhrer Koos: We know the Pantagraph and WGLT News are your propaganda outlets. We are not fooled by them anymore. We know what you are and what you are doing. The emperor has no clothes and it is not a pretty sight to behold! Maybe you should resign and avoid the continued embarrassment that is yet to befall you and your posse.

  2. Wrote the following last night and posted it in wrong story (meant to post it on Koos story yesterday not tax’n Tari’s) ]\

    Yes Koos got burned badly so now he is striking out with a new set of BS to deflect. Koos lied about the lack of Connect Transit board member interest, so I believe his attack on Nord is nothing more than another lie, The actions of a desperate man on the Titanic. Of course the Pantygraph bought in 100% and to prove their bias Captain B(l)eigh the writer did not allow comment to the story. What a douche,.

    WGLT piling on is nos surprise as we have another man from the titanic there. RC McBribe

  3. Well, I called it. (Not that it was all that surprising.) Koos doubled and tripled down on his antics and desperation. He’s acting like a child throwing a tantrum in the supermarket aisle. People aren’t buying his slant nor that of his allies in the establishment press mill that is GLT and the Pantycrap. Keep it up Koos, you’re showing everyone exactly who you are and the picture is not flattering.

    1. If only the negative “social media” would go away… right Fuhrer Koos? The good old days are gone forever when a hack politician can just say or do anything they want without being challenged or questioned. Welcome to the Age of Information Fuhrer Koos! We are here and we are NOT going away! It would be nice if you would go away though and let someone who really cares about the Town of Normal run things because you are incapable of performing your duties in an unbiased professional way.

  4. We’ve
    has become such an “UPTOWN” left leaning CRAP station, that it isn’t even worth listening to anymore! I moved my dial to 98.3 in Farmer City.
    As for Koos calling Stan a “Lone Wolf” Mr KOOS should know more then ANYONE what a lone wolf is, otherwise we WOULD NOT have UPTOWN, and the UPPITY sounding image it brings into the minds of OLD TIME RESIDENTS!
    KOOS has to GO! 11 lousy votes or NOT!

  5. So it’s against protocol to help a business relocate to Normal and save the taxpayers money in the process?
    Apparently proper protocol requires promising a few million taxpayer dollars to some friends and to tear down a popular landmark or two.
    Sounds like we need to revisit our town protocols. Hopefully we can do that after the next election.

  6. just how far will Koos go to silence Mr.Nord? the radical left will do ANYTHING to silence the opposition. Prime example is AOC. If I was Mr.Nord I’d be worried that Krazy Koos will really get extreme. I always think of the phrase “How the mighty have fallen” Koos used to be significant , now unstable.

    1. Yes, we are seeing it on the left everywhere across the country. The left has completely lost their minds in pursuit of their insane agendas. The American people are rejecting them everywhere. How extreme will they get? We just had a violent Antifa radical assault an ICE detainment facility and get killed in the process. We had AOC “Concentration Camp” words in his attack manifesto. Fuhrer Koos and Mayor Little Man are aligned with the Socialists, SJWs, Communists and Antifa. They are not on our side! Let me repeat that… they are not in support of the values that real Americans (you) hold. The events of today resemble the events before the American Civil War of 1860. Time to lock and load patriots. We are approaching what appears to be the next civil war. So how far will Fuhrer Koos go? I think he will do everything that he can to stop Stan. He may even cross into the “crazy zone” on something. This is a man who is not very smart and has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. So expect the worst in the coming months from him.

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