The funniest thing you will read today

By:  Diane Benjamin

A website called SmartAsset just published a new list of:

The Least-Stressed Cities in America – 2019 Edition

Bloomington made the list!


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the real unemployment rate is:


Since the survey claims they are using 2017 data, see the REAL unemployment rates in 2017:    2017 data

2017 unemploy

Not a 2.3% in sight!

If SmartAsset is to be believed, this area doesn’t having an affordable housing crisis!

I doubt Tari touts this study.  Pushing for subsidized housing is hard when a study exists claiming it isn’t needed.

Maybe Illinois is a typo and should have been Indiana.  Either that or the State Farm relocations, layoffs, and buyouts were a figment of people’s imaginations.


19 thoughts on “The funniest thing you will read today

  1. Does ANYONE else WISH they had ALL the money that ALL the Government entities spend on DUMBASSED studies, CONSULTANTS, surveys, etc? We’d have GREAT streets, infrastructure, parks and LEADERSHIP!
    JUST a thought…

    1. But it’s how they “Redistribute Our Wealth.” They funnel the citizens tax money to their cronies. Keep in mind that their friends aren’t necessarily qualified for the “jobs” they have, with no more then radical leftist ideology education, but this is the way they enrich themselves. It gives them an air of legitimacy, when in reality, they have NO discernable skills that would get them hired .in the real world private sector.

  2. There may have been a time when B/N should have been on the list, but certainly not in the last few years, and certainly not ’til we’re rid of Pritzger, Madigan, Renner, and Koos.

  3. I think we should be thinking of a candidate to run against Renner so he doesn’t run unopposed. I voted for Mr Lower but I think the incumbent has the advantage. Maybe people will have time enough to see by now.

  4. I shared the truth about Blono with TJX (a few Tari/Jenn/Chuberly quotes, some video links) and they cancelled the Marshall’s project. Guess they didn’t get the memo about “least stressed cities”, huh?

      1. Yes the country is booming and Illinois is turning into the state you don’t want to move to. Thanks Dems!

  5. They have the word “Smart” in their name – that alone gives me cause to distrust them. There are a ton of unemployed here and a ton of (non)”disabled” too.

    1. Smart Grid, Smart Meters, Smart Car, Smart watch,Smart Home, Smart Charging Station, Smart refrigerators, etc. Can we all say Agenda 21/2030?……….

    2. I immediately thought leaving the et off their name is probably more a more accurate for them

  6. who gave them the data? Tari? One of his minions? Garbage in garbage out. low unemployment? tell that to my sister who got laid off at the farm and cant find a job.

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