Stop the ILGOP from picking YOUR representative

By: Diane Benjamin

What’s missing?

In case you haven’t figured it out, nothing on this card says Preston is a Republican.

The Illinois GOP picked Scott Preston because he is just like Dan Brady. The ILGOP wants to permanently be in the minority because they make a lot of money and get blamed for nothing. The ILGOP is so bad they are a super MINORITY. They don’t need to show up in Springfield because they have ZERO power.

Can you name ONE piece of legislation or ANY impact Dan Brady had during all his years in Springfield? I can name one he voted against – School Vouchers for Chicago kids that would have freed 30,000 kids from the awful public schools. You might remember this from 2010:

Want proof Scott Preston is the pick of the ILGOP? That one is easy. Click here:

See who Preston’s Treasurer is:

Who is Dave Krahn?

David Krahn is Treasurer for a long list of GOP candidates. See “Related Committees” at the link above.

The ILGOP doesn’t want you to choose who represents you – they want to tell you who to vote for. They don’t want people who are going to fight for you in Springfield. Dan Brady never did and he was in GOP leadership. Preston is his chosen replacement who rarely fought for you as a Normal Trustee. Just the type the ILGOP likes.

You have a better choice: Jim Fisher. The ILGOP doesn’t want him – that’s a good thing.

15 thoughts on “Stop the ILGOP from picking YOUR representative

  1. Everyone on that host list is a Republican, many are strong conservatives like Chuck Erickson, Floyd Aper, and Jon Sandage. I don’t quite see your point in this article, Diane.


    1. First, you need to adjust your thinking to realize that the R and the D mean little to nothing, especially the R, it’s not R versus D anymore, it never has been really, it’s right versus wrong and even to the point of Good versus evil. It might be hard for you to absorb and accept this, but it will change your life, and your thinking once you do. Maybe think of it like this A LOT of the “republicans” are basically the Washington Generals for the democrat Harlem Globetrotters, they show up, they act as if they are trying to win, they put on a show but it’s already decided that the Globetrotters win, because they always win. By the way I was an arrogant straight D voting imbecile who knew next to NOTHING that was true for decades. I “awakened” around 2009-ish, and oh my my what a long strange trip it’s been.

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  2. Chuck Ericson is a strong republican? LOL. ANYone on the host list is NOT a strong republican if they endorse Preston. Seriously? I never was impressed with Chuck and this is just more proof. The guy is smooth and knows how to play the game. That’s all. The republican ideal of conservatism in this state is in very sad shape at this point. Little hope for the near future. Just forget this stuff and vote for Jim Fisher.


  3. I now think much less of the people who are endorsing this Democrat in Disguise.

    Apparently Preston’s voting record of supporting property tax increases doesn’t matter to these people.

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      1. If Preston fraudulently used these names then it is up to them to fix the defamation Scott caused them. Scott lied on his mailers about not voting for property tax increase so I wouldn’t be surprised if these supports are made up too.

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  4. Fisher is not differentiating himself from Preston. Preston appears organized. Despite what Preston’s voting record proves, Scott seems successful pretending to be a Republican. Fisher is painting himself as less connected Republican. If Fisher wants to win he needs to show he is a fighter and explain the difference between himself to Preston. Fisher loosing in the battle of Republican Vs. RINO.


  5. Some good men an women on that list. A lot of grifter happy clappers too. One thing they ALL have in common is they LOVE seeing their names on a Host committee list for a candidate they got leverage on. year after year , pawn after owned pawn – there’s those same names again ! Kind of like branding cattle.


  6. Preston may not be a friend of the 2nd Amendment but at least he has the balls to have an All White host committee.


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