Pam Reece really misses those 10 minute meetings!

By: Diane Benjamin

In a representative government elected officials represent the people, not the organization they are elected to. Pam Reece wants meetings fixed in advance which is why 2 on 1 meetings are held. It’s embarrassing for her to actually have Trustees do what they were elected to do – represent the people paying her exorbitant salary ($264,309.63—Town-of-Normal)

Harmon Arts Grants are mentioned in this email exchange. As I’ve reported before these are your tax dollars, former Mayor Paul Harmon isn’t funding anything.

Governing is easier with bobbleheads, Pam wants them for the public show. She doesn’t want tough questions in public, she only wants questions where the public can’t see what’s really going on. Why? To make Trustees look like they work for you? Until recently that is exactly what they looked like! Gee, what changed? Thinking . . . thinking. . .

Kathleen Lorenz sent her this email to only Pam:

Below is Pam’s response – note she copied the mayor even though Kathleen didn’t send it to him. Obtained by FOIA:

6 thoughts on “Pam Reece really misses those 10 minute meetings!

  1. Pam Reece is condesending and vindictive to those who voice dissent from her agenda. Cases in point:
    1.) Her treatment of Trustee Nord shows she does not respect the differing views a representative government encourages.
    2.) Condescending and dismissive emails to residents like Doug Fansler, Ron Ulmer, etc.
    3.) Ignored and belittled the residents of Black Stone Trail, One Normal Plaza and the “Save the Mural” petitioners.
    4.) Pushed for restrictive public comment and said it was legal then the AG overruled her
    5.) Let neighborhoods deal with brown tap water until the press made it a public embarrassment.
    6.) Ordered her Police to harass Joe’s Station House and Maggie Mylies over Pritzker’s social distancing edicts.
    7.) Orchestrated a liquor code change to financially punish Joe’s Station House.
    8.) Neglects roads while skyrocketing amenities and cultural arts spending
    9.) When firing staff who “know where the bodies are buried” she makes them sign away their right to whistleblow in order to receive their earned PTO money and access to COBRA
    10.) Insensitive removal of Julani Day’s TEMPORARY memorial so his death would not interfere with her Trail East agenda

    In Normal, Pam Reece rules as Queen. The only that matters is furthering her agenda. Stan Nord has relentlessly kept a spotlight on just how little the voices of the residents’ matter. I am quite sick of it and absolutely disgusted the mayor and council have let her continue to divide our community.

    She should have been fired, but this council rewards her raise after raise.

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  2. Thank you, Diane, for yet another highly illuminating post. It’s apparent that “Lady Macbeth” Pam Reece’s chosen habitat for dissembling is in dark corners, where her little schemes, promises and threats remain in the shadows. Cowardly Koos found himself a real animal to do the dirty work that he doesn’t have the guts (or intelligence) to do. It’ll be interesting — and hopefully it’ll be one day soon — to see which one is successful at throwing the other under the bus. It’s inevitable.

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  3. Paul and Sandy are far too tight with their money to set up their own philanthropic foundation to promote the arts. They live in Normal, Illinois where they have the government to do it for them and even put their name on it. The government can also pick the winners and losers as taxpayer dollars are handed out to friends of Dave Shields, Chris Koos and Pam Reece. Paul and Sandy will tape a campaign ad for Chis Koos in Uptown to show their appreciation. Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country’s done for you lately.

    Just another day in Uptown utopia.


  4. I shouldn’t be surprised, but the purpose of a Town Council is not to rubber stamp everything brought forward, Pam. There should be questions, conversations, and spirited debate.

    If something is not approved or is voted down, that happens. That’s acceptable.

    So by virtue, are you saying you seek full support in talking to a majority of the council before the meeting to ensure consensus, a quorum or more as we should call it…


  5. Emails like Reece’ s are commonplace in BN/McLean County government circles. Didn’t matter if it was COB, TON, Parks and Recreation, CVB, Regional Planning, County Clerk, etc. All hated the taxpayer and anyone that didn’t agree with them. Some were so nasty the person’s responsible should have been immediately terminated but never were. No one should be surprised by the condensing attitudes expressed. These people loathe those responsible for their paychecks and golden parachute retirements.

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