Election Final Days: Nasty

by:  Diane Benjamin The election is next Tuesday and SOME people are getting desperate.  Numerous GOP candidates are proving why too many citizens won’t vote.  Some candidates are despicable and will do anything to win.  Too many citizens tune them out.  The final commercials are filled with every possible supposed “fact” about an opponent to […]

Why Tom Cross should never be Treasurer!

State Representative Tom Cross (R)  Source:  http://republicannewswatch.com/wp/?p=6106 Years served: 1993 – Present  Committee assignments: House Committee of the Whole; Executive; Joint Comm. on Government Reform (Vice-Chairperson)  TAXES AND SPENDING Cross voted for a huge electric rate increase. Cross helped pass SB1652 – a huge electric rate increase sought by ComEd and Ameren. (2011) Cross voted to raise sales taxes […]

Elect conservatives – not GOP!

by Diane Benjamin Here’s the guy you DON’T want: Tom Cross -Click HERE for a reminder about how Tom Cross brought the Obamacare Medicaid provision to Illinois – 2 years early! – Cross has been the Republican minority leader in Springfield for more than 11 years – what has he accomplished?  Democrats now have super majority  – […]

More on elections!

by:  Diane Benjamin If you are voting in the GOP primary, this information is to provide you information on the conservative candidates running. See this previous post too:   http://blnnews.com/2014/02/28/running-as-gop/ County Board – District 4 Vote for:  Mark W. Johnson instead of Jeremy Lee Foster (under indictment for drugs) State Treasurer: Vote for: CPA Bob Grogan instead of Tom Cross […]

Dan Rutherford: I Did Nothing Wrong….Don’t You Believe Me?

February 25, 2014  Edgar County Watchdogs In numerous recent interviews and debate settings, State Treasurer Dan Rutherford has denied there is anything to the allegations of sexual harassment of his employees to include pressure to campaign for him on state time. Even after a federal law suit was filed against him, denial has been the stance. Denial backed […]