Elect conservatives – not GOP!

by Diane Benjamin

Here’s the guy you DON’T want:

Tom Cross

-Click HERE for a reminder about how Tom Cross brought the Obamacare Medicaid provision to Illinois – 2 years early!

– Cross has been the Republican minority leader in Springfield for more than 11 years – what has he accomplished?  Democrats now have super majority

 – Cross talks about pushing for a balanced budget if elected Treasurer – Where has he been for 11+ years?

– Cross is an attorney – does Illinois really need an ATTORNEY as Treasurer?

– Cross has always been paid from the public trough (taxpayer money) and has never held any significant job in the private sector.

– Cross has no formal education that prepares him for the financial/fiduciary responsibilities of the Treasurer’s office.

– Cross has voted repeatedly for tax increases!

Here’s who you do want:

Bob Grogan – http://www.votegrogan.com/

– Grogan graduated with a BA in Political Science (as did Cross) AND in Economics.

–  Cross went on to law school while Grogan became a CPA. Grogan would be the FIRST CPA as Treasurer in Illinois’ history. Think it’s about time?

– Grogan worked in the private sector for some time in ever increasing positions of authority.

–  Grogan has a demonstrated history of success unlike Cross.

– Grogan has twice been elected as Dupage County Auditor by direct vote of the voters in Dupage.




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