Election Final Days: Nasty

by:  Diane Benjamin

The election is next Tuesday and SOME people are getting desperate.  Numerous GOP candidates are proving why too many citizens won’t vote.  Some candidates are despicable and will do anything to win.  Too many citizens tune them out.  The final commercials are filled with every possible supposed “fact” about an opponent to try to sway you.  If you are just now deciding who to vote for, they are looking for you.

Tom Cross is being especially vicious as he attempts to move from House Minority Leader to Treasurer.  He has NO record of accomplishments to run on,  he is counting on name recognition only to get a new job.  For months a staff member has had a false Facebook page where he attempts to trash Cross’s opponent – Bob Grogan.  Maybe the Election Commission should see if he is posting on State time.

Anybody paying attention to Illinois politics knows the IL GOP is mostly a useless bunch.  They are a minority party because they don’t stand for anything.  They will be a permanent minority party if people like Tom Cross continue to be elected.  Citizens will continue to be ruled by Democrats because the GOP has nothing to offer.  The Democrats at least act like they care about the little guys.

The Chicago suburbs have many races where an outsider is attempting to unseat a long time GOP candidate.  The good-ole-boys club is on full display, outsiders aren’t welcome in the GOP. The IL GOP is very happy being who they are now, the party of nothing.

I’m sure most of my readers will vote Tuesday, even if it’s only against the 1% permanent Sales Tax increase and Modified Wards in Bloomington.  Do the State of Illinois a favor and pull a Republican ballot.  Vote against Tom Cross – send the GOP a message.  The citizens of Illinois deserve better.

From the Peoria Journal Star:

Grogan is an engaging, knowledgeable guy who says he desires no other statewide office. Remarkably, Illinois has never had an accountant be elected treasurer. Perhaps it’s time. Bob Grogan is endorsed.

Read more: http://www.pjstar.com/article/20140311/Opinion/140319729#ixzz2vkqBNhnm




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