Every day accrues more taxes

By:  Diane Benjamin

Update to the story on Normal paying property taxes they don’t owe:  https://blnnews.com/2019/08/11/normal-like-paying-property-taxes-you-dont-owe/

Every day that Normal fails to file the PTax 300 form to change the taxable status of properties that should be exempt means more taxes.  Normal will get billed next year for the number of days it was taxable this year.

How long have they known they have been paying properties taxes in error for the facilities building on Adelaide?  Obviously they should have known since they bought it in 2015.  But when did they know recently?

Below is a picture I know you can’t read.  It is from the massive FOIA request I received from the Town of Normal:

adelaide pr tax.JPG

The left side is a list of payments for approval at the first June Town Council meeting.  When Stan wants to ask a question of Pam Reece this is the format he uses.   He lists the items in question and draws a line to that item with his concerns.

He did ask questions about all the property tax payments listed.  The last 8 payments are to the McLean County collector for property taxes.

Below is just the right side which shows Stan’s question and Pam’s answer:

pine adelaide ft jesse

Note:  Pam’s response is dated 6/1/2019.  The final line is an admission that property taxes aren’t owed on 1217 S. Adelaide, she promised the paperwork would be submitted to change it.

As of 8/13/2019 it hasn’t been.  The taxpayers of Normal now owe more than 8 months of this years taxes because this wasn’t done in June.  Everyday that passes means the amount increases.


Government isn’t capable of anything else, they don’t care because they don’t have to.

Pam also claimed 1404 Ft Jesse doesn’t have to be tax exempt because they will be issuing another RFP for development.  (When they get around to it, meanwhile taxes are accruing).  Normal has owned the property this time since November 2018, obviously no rush.

Also note the property taxes paid on the North Street property and Pine Street are more than the amount of rent received.

Terri Ryburn is paying rent of $120 per year on the Pine Street property.    https://blnnews.com/2019/07/05/whos-best-interest-is-normal-using/

Dan Brady and Rodney Davis rent 104 North for $1 a year each :  https://blnnews.com/2017/06/05/normal-what-2/

Brady and Davis get a deal, but it’s at the expense of Normal taxpayers.  They are subsidizing their entire district on the backs of Normal taxpayers.  Normal evidently has to pay people to rent property from them.

Worse, what Normal is doing violates Illinois law:

lessee pays property taxes

Those property tax bills should be sent to the lessee, not Normal and therefore the taxpayers.

The Normal Town Council supposedly has two Republicans:  Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston.  The Ryburn property vote took place at the May 16, 2016 meeting.  See the minutes here:  http://www.normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2120

PDF pages 3 and 4:

Scott Preston was the only no vote.

Ask Kathleen to explain her vote.

Stan Nord is an independent because of votes like this.  Proud Democrat Karyn Smith appears more fiscally responsible than Kathleen Lorenz.

The path forward:

It doesn’t matter who is at fault now, the question is when is it going to be fixed?

  1. Dan Brady and Rodney Davis need to quit fleecing the Normal taxpayers when they  get money for local offices.
  2. Ryburn needs to pay the property taxes, she owes them not the taxpayers.
  3. The paperwork to change the status of 1217 Adelaide needs filed.
  4. Normal needs to just sell the Ft Jesse property, scrap the RFP.  “Right fit” ideas abuse local businesses and taxpayers.

Will the “Republicans” on the Council start representing taxpayers?  Stan can’t fix problems without help.  Will Kathleen and Scott get on board?  McCarthy and Cummings will never start representing taxpayers, they represent government.

Trustees are elected to stand between the taxpayers and their government.  Why did Stan find problems while the other Trustees have rubber-stamped this waste for years?  How many other problems exist?

If the Trustees don’t want to represent the people paying the bills, they need replaced.

If Brady and Davis don’t quit fleecing Normal taxpayers, they needs replaced.


4 thoughts on “Every day accrues more taxes

  1. Its a big club that you are not in but you get to pay for it. Such a deal! Can I rent some city property for $1 a month? Come on Fuhrer Koos…So, I am not as good as these other people? I am not part of your leftist elitist club – so I have to pay real money?

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  2. Mr Werkman did not build on the Fort Jesse property because the cost to build was $100,000 higher than the final appraisal of the property and building. The town of Normal obviously can’t relate they would go ahead and build and stick the taxpayers with the loss. Normal building requirements added to the appraisal over runs.

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  3. Could this be an intentional way to direct tax dollars to Unit 5? They aren’t likely to get a referendum to increase their tax rates but as we have learned with Normal and Bloomington, they have no problem raising the cost to live here. With a large share of taxes to U5, perhaps it’s a way to redirect money their way?


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