Normal: What?!?

By:  Diane Benjamin

On the Consent Agenda for tonight’s Normal Town council meeting:

No other information on 404 W Locust is included.  

Being on the Consent Agenda means there is no discussion unless one of the council members asks.  I’d be asking!  $892,327.48 with no questions?

What Illinois statute allows the Town of Normal to transfer tax dollars to a non-profit?  (YWCA).  Why are they allowed to pick winners and losers in the non-profit game?  The Baby Fold is in Normal and they are hurting for money because of the State – just like the YWCA.  Why is Normal discriminating against them?

I included B/N Convention and Visitors Bureau because of stories since Friday.

Also on the Consent Agenda:

Government owned property is normally tax exempt unless the properties are rented.

I do know 104 North Street is the property Dan Brady rents for $1 per year.

103 E Beaufort collects $10,500 a year rent.  the others need more investigation.


Why media doesn’t investigate:

No money to build, but ONWARD:

Uptown Phase 2?

Pages 55-63 list Prevailing wages government must comply with.

Labor unions campaign and vote for big spenders, and then tell government how much they will get paid for jobs government inflicts on taxpayers.  Brilliant!

3 thoughts on “Normal: What?!?

  1. 404 W. Locust is part of the ISU/Normal land swap deal with the Town of Normal for the new fire department headquarters/station on Main st. Normal is buying it then giving it to ISU…


  2. Tari is probably DROOLING as KOOS gets away with NO questions, and has basically bankrupted the TOWN of UP! Those dufusses will be paying for Mr KOOS big agenda until their grand children die!
    RUN Tari, RUN! and NOT for mayor…
    there’s darn near a MILLION bucks here just BLOWN to the wind!!


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