Normal denies another speaker 1st Amendment rights

By:  Diane Benjamin

Karyn Smith is still waiting for a ruling from the Attorney General from when she was denied the right to speak to the Normal Council about the mural – because it wan’t on the agenda.  See this story:

The Attorney General is supposed to rule within 90 days, but this is Illinois where laws are immaterial.

Now another citizen was denied his right to speak and he probably doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment gives him the right to address government.  It doesn’t say when the topic is on the agenda.  Besides, discussion are going on behind closed doors.  He had the right to weigh in.  It’s THREE minutes Normal!

Here’s the story:

I FOIA’d the Town of Normal for emails mentioning soccer or the sports complex.  Again, it’s a treasure trove of looking behind closed doors!

This exchange was included:

Fernando Cornejo followed the rules on the Normal website and requested time to speak during public comment.  This was Pam’s response:

fernado 2

Fernando answers:

fernado 3

Pam then denies him the right to speak:


I redacted his email address.  Fernando needs to file a Request for Review with the Attorney General immediately.  Maybe that will force them to rule on Karyn’s case too.  Normal needs to stop impeding Freedom of Speech.  

FYI:  Fernando is one of the guys I met with for this story:

This is what Karyn filed in February:

This letter proves the Attorney General is investigating her case:

Fernando needs to reference 2019 PAC 56747 when he files.   File the Request for Review at:  [email protected]



3 thoughts on “Normal denies another speaker 1st Amendment rights

  1. What a surprise! Haha. Koos and the gang don’t like any opposing views and have done their best to silence such voices over the years. They like knowing who’s speaking ahead of time so they can call their Rolodex of loyalists (cough, cough…Julie Hile) to bring a counterpoint. In that way, they can cancel out or otherwise downplay the dissenting speaker. It also helps Koos and the gang to get favorable soundbites included in media accounts of the meetings.

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  2. As far as Attorney General Democrat and good buddy with Obama Raoul Kwame being fair and un-biased I wouldn’t hold my breathe on that one. The Democrats have strong control in the twin cities and with that control they are showing themselves to be the lawless dictators that they are! Let us not forget when not to many years ago they did not have this much power they were ALWAYS standing on THEIR 1st Amendment RIGHT to speak and they also preached about tolerance for their Alt-lefist ideas but now they have no use for that because they are in the drivers seat! HYPOCRITES!!!

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