More Property Taxes Normal Doesn’t Owe

By:  Diane Benjamin

Ever heard “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves”?

The Town of Normal is not only not “watching the pennies”, they aren’t watching dollars either.  (YOUR DOLLARS)

These bills are “presented” for Monday night – nobody is suppose to ask questions.

property taxes

Start with the One Uptown Circle Rent.  This note was written by Pam Reece in response to a question from Stan Nord.  Her response is in yellow:

stan questions Pam

Maybe she means “fiscal year”, not 2020.  (still waiting for her to bring this up)

Now look at the property taxes:

Start with 104 North St – PIN #14-28-430-014

That is the property rented to Dan Brady for $1 a year.

Taxpayers are subsidizing Brady’s office for $7,851.28 a year.  But it gets worse.  Normal is paying themselves.  Of that $7,851.28, $5,494.04 is going straight into the Uptown TIF.  Not only does this practice make the TIF appear to be more profitable than it is, the only reason any money exists is because Normal bought the decrepit building for $800,000 in 2006.  They eventually want to tear it down for Trail North.  It is a shell game Normal has played over and over.

Why is Normal paying property taxes on a parking lot? (future site of Trail East)

Why is Normal paying property taxes on two vacant lots in One Normal Plaza?  One is where a building was torn down.

I believe Warriner is a cell tower.  According to State property tax law, the renter is suppose to pay the property taxes.

305 Pine is the worst abuse of taxpayers.  This is the property Terri Ryburn rents and lives in for $120 a year:

The Normal taxpayers are gifting her $4,092.50 this year because she should be responsible for the property taxes, not you.  Of that amount $242.64 is going to the One Normal Plaza TIF, so again Normal is paying themselves.

How many council members will care?

I predict ONE.

More on Normal before Monday.




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  1. The town receives rent on the cell tower site at the public works site at Warriner, Original lease signed in 2005 with T=Mobile initial rent was 2000/month, rent increases 15% on every 5 year renewal anniversary. Landlord pays property taxes on the real property (land) Tenant pays any taxes on the personal property (tower and equipment) Per an IL Supreme court case towers are Personal property.

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