Before you demand police reforms:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Before supporting “No Cash Bail” or other reforms to local policing, see who currently resides in the County jail.  These are only the worst accused and convicted offenders.  The jail population has increased recently due to felony looting and destruction of property:

2019 CF 416  Cynthia Baker – convicted of murder, not sentenced yet

2018 CF 652  Hammet Brown – accused of killing two people

2019 CF 607  Scotty Allen – murder trial starts next week

2019 CF 606  Amari McNabb – accused of murder

2019 CF 606  Exodus Hebert – accused of murder

2018 CF 426  Christopher Harrison – accused of double murder, trial going on right now

2020 CF 29  Dewon Griffin – accused of murder

2018 CF 735  Leila Jackson – convicted of murder yesterday, sentencing pends

2019 CF 14  Tyjuan Bruce – accused of murder

2019 CF 15  Anthony Grampsas – accused of murder

2019 CF 600 Jordyn Thorton – accused of murder

2019 CF 599 Quentin Jackson – accused of murder

2018 CF 734 Syndey Mays – accused of killing 3 people and shooting a 4 year old boy

I’m told all of these people had bail set but they were unable to pay it.  Since judges set bail only a judge can change it.  Do you think bail should be reduced so these people are out?  Do you want police de-funded so these people are never caught?

Obama hasn’t gone away – most ex-presidents do:

obama pledge

The facts are twisted however – see for yourself:

Another campaign happening now is demanding free video visits and phone calls for inmates.  The County does make money from this program, but what Louis didn’t say is taxpayers will have to cover the lost income if the County Board changes the policy.  

By the way, as of June 1st free in-person visits are back.  Sheriff Sandage had terminated them to protect the inmates and staff from COVID.  Maybe Louis hasn’t heard.

sonny cash calls

Sonny Garcia again, a socialism sit-in!

sonny sky is the limit



11 thoughts on “Before you demand police reforms:

  1. The question isn’t should the people you list be held in jail? The question is was bail set? You may say bail should not have been set. And I might agree.

    This leads to another question. What people have been charged with similar crimes and are out on bail? I would seriously like to see that list as well. If you could provide it, I would consider it a service. Assuming there is such a list, and I am sure there is, then we have a third question we must address.

    Should people be held in jail because they don’t have as much wealth as other people? In all sense of fairness, the answer to that question should be a resounding no. The solution to that problem is simple. Eliminate the ball system. Judges should hold people in jail solely based on the crime they are accused of and their threat to society, not based on their economic status.


  2. The left and the Democratic Party endorsement of this kind of insanity is not going to go over well in the upcoming election. I believe that the Chinese Communist Party Virus lock-down insanity in Democratically controlled states/cities and this embrace of communist led anarchy MEANS the END of the Democratic Party.

    We are looking at a 48 state landslide this November and state/local decimation of the Democratic elected officials.

    Thanks BLM and Antifa! Thanks for your help painting a very clear picture of the kind of country YOU would give us!

    The adults have this now… go home to your mommies.

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  3. Great idea porky,,,not. But, let’s release some accused murderers into your home, your custody, your expense to feed, your problem in exchange for your no bail plea. If any of them don’t show up for court then you take their place for their acused crime. Obviously since you have so much faith in these accused you should be jumping at the chance to prove your position.

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  4. Mr. Porcupine has attempted to make a logical case for his position on this topic. If This, Then That… If one person cannot afford to pay bail, then no one should be required to pay bail. Did I interpret that correctly? Lowest common denominator wins? Really? Do you have any concern about justice for the actual victims? To be clear, I’m not talking about the people in jail. I just want to make that clear since apparently everyone is a victim these days, unless you are privileged.

    I’m pretty sure bail is in fact based on the seriousness of the crime. How does economic status factor into those decisions? In the case of murder, bail when tend to be higher due to the nature of the crime and the threat to society. I think you’re already getting what you want on that point, but maybe I’m misinformed.


    1. Let me reply with this simple question, in case of a charge of murder should anyone be allowed to be released on bail?


  5. So Sonny Garcia wants a revolutionary library? I will gladly donate Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, my George Washington biography, The Declaration of Independence and my copy of the 5000 Year Leap.

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  6. lefty loons want no cash bail? let’s go one better…no bail at all for any type of violent crime. all the accused stay in jail until the trial. totally eliminates the notion of economic discrimination. might need a bigger jail…

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    1. I agree. That is exactly what I am saying. Now all we have to do is define which crimes are “violent crimes” where no one is released from jail before trial and which ones aren’t.


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