Don’t forget who won’t let you work

By:  Diane Benjamin

Indiana is open.  I know locals who have driven to the Beef House right across the border to sit down for a good meal.

Iowa is open for full capacity in-restaurant dining.

Wisconsin is open after their Supreme Court ruled the governor’s actions illegal.

Illinois has Pritzker’s boot on everybody’s neck, he is a farmer you know. (ha)

The Federal judge did not rule yesterday on Darren Bailey’s lawsuit against Pritzker.  It got to Federal court because Pritzker judge shopped to get the case out of Clay County.  A judgement could come at any time to return the case to the state where the Clay County judge will rule Pritzker’s edicts are illegal.  Unwilling to take defeat as Illinois’ jailer-in-chief, Pritzker will likely appeal that decision to the Illinois Supreme Court.  Remember he let felons out of jail, just not citizens.

Let’s talk local:

The Republican controlled County Board couldn’t muster enough votes to even have a re-open plan.  Of course every democrat voted against it, but some Republicans voted with them!

Both Mayor Renner and Mayor Koos refuse to consult their Councils at a public meeting.  Bloomington and Normal are living under Pritzker’s illegal rules because your elected officials refuse to stand up for you.

Normal would only need 4 Trustees to vote for full re-open, they likely only have one.

Bloomington needs 5 alderman, they likely only have one.

You won’t find 9 elected officials who care about the destruction of jobs and small businesses between Bloomington and Normal.

Congrats folks – remember this when you vote.

Democrats have zero interest in allowing citizens to succeed.  They prefer welfare.

Some Republicans are obviously no different.


10 thoughts on “Don’t forget who won’t let you work

  1. I just read the Pizza Ranch in Bloomington just reopened with indoor service. I am thinking they have Thomas DeVore representing them, as he has with the restaurant in Kickapoo and another Pizza Ranch in Peoria. This might be the only way to fight the government if you have a lawyer, like Thomas DeVore, that is willing to take the fight to them.

  2. The re-election of Dan Brady for me ended any hope that change will come with elections. Change may come but it will be change for the worst. Frankly, there are not enough concerned or intelligent people left in our communities that care. Most are too lazy to vote and if they do, vote for people they know nothing about or for candidates that represent the trends of the day. This community will never return to what it once was and could have been. I was in a position years ago where people that had the power to move the community truly forward chose not to. I always knew a leadership clique existed but not to the organized degree that I witnessed. We are and I think always has been, a smaller version of Chicago politically. It’s sad and beyond frustrating. The events of the past few weeks is only a precursor to BN’s future. There will never be conservative majorities on any local governing body again. I am glad my kids are all gone from this area for good and never have to fight the long established, entrenched local politics that crops up in everything you attempt to do here. I am still excited that once my spouse retires we are gone to Indiana or elsewhere for the rest of our lives. I will sell our house at a loss just to leave. My sanity and mental health is way more important than material goods.

  3. I don’t think many/most local businesses can afford to hire an attorney to help stand up for their rights. I don’t suppose Mr. DeVore is doing this pro bono? Just because the law is on your side doesn’t mean you get justice. I feel terrible for the business owners.

  4. Both B & N are led by people who are socialists at best and totalitarians at worst. Normal’s town council is just window dressing. They do not set Town Policy and they have no power. Only one councilperson votes against propositions that are illegal and/or unethical. All ideas come from the Mayor and the Town Manager (staff) and the only thing the council does is rubber stamp their propositions. Council members are not allowed to place any item on the agenda. Public comments are ignored or during council comment time at the end the taxpayers are told why their ideas are no good.

  5. It was very enjoyable to eat at Pizza Ranch today. Filled up with people and surprisingly high amount of them 60+. Guess we now know who the sheeple to politicians and lame stream media are. I called it eating finger foods, as I felt with every bite it was like giving Pritzker the finger.

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