Hold officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of widespread racial bias.



(if facts still matter)

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Read the rest of the story for more, it also talks about Chicago where Black Lives must not matter.


33 thoughts on “Hold officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of widespread racial bias.

  1. Those statistics have names.

    Eric Garner
    John Crawford II
    Michael Brown
    Ezell Ford
    Dante Parker
    Michelle Cusseaux
    Laquan McDonald
    George Mann
    Tanisha Anderson
    Akai Gurley
    Tamir Rice
    Rumain Brisbon
    Jerame Reid
    Matthew Ajibede
    Frank Smart
    Natasha McKenna
    Tony Robinson
    Anthony Hill
    Mya Hall
    Phillip White
    Eric Harris
    Walter Scott
    William Chapman II
    Alexia Christian
    Brendon Glenn
    Victor Manuel LaRosa
    Jonathan Sanders
    Freddie Blue
    Joseph Mann
    Salvado Ellswood
    Sandra Bland
    Albert Joseph Davis
    Freddie Gray
    Darrius Stewart
    Billy Ray Davis
    Samuel Dubose
    Asshams Pharoah Manley
    Felix Kumi
    Keith Harrison McLeod
    Junior Propser
    Lamontez Jones
    Paterson Brown
    Dominic Hutchinson
    Anthony Ashford
    Alonzo Smith
    Tyree Crawford
    India Kager
    La’Vante Biggs
    Michael Lee Marshal
    Jamar Clark
    Richard Perkins
    Nathaniel Harris Pickett
    Benni Lee Tignor
    Miguel Espinal
    Michael Noel
    Kevin Matthews
    Bettie Jones
    Quintonio Legrier
    Keith Childress Jr
    Janet Wilson
    Randy Nelson
    Antronie Scott
    Wendell Celestine
    David Joseph
    Calin Roquemore
    Dyzhawn Perkins
    Christopher Davis
    Marco Loud
    Peter Gaines
    Torrey Robinson
    Darius Robinson
    Terrill Thomas
    Sylville Smith
    Kevin Hicks
    Mary Truxillo
    Demarcus Semer
    Willie Tillman
    Alton Sterling
    Philando Castile
    Terence Crutcher
    Paul O’Neal
    Alteria Woods
    Jordan Edwards
    Aaron Bailey
    Ronell Foster
    Stephon Clark
    Antwon Rose II
    Botham Jean
    Pamela Turner
    Dominique Clayton
    Atatiana Jefferson
    Christopher Whitfield
    Christopher McCorvey
    Eric Reason
    Michael Lorenzo Dean
    Breonna Taylor
    George Floyd
    David McAtee

    Are just a few of them. You’re seriously saying that blacks commit crime more, and therefore it’s not a systemic racism when the police shoot blacks first, ask questions never? And that the PDs across the country that cover for these incidents and resist even the mildest attempts at reform don’t represent a problematic system? Are you even paying attention?

      1. I don’t know, are you going to tell me that every officer who was killed was a “good honest citizen”? Somebody suggested to me that was the bar an entire category of people has to clear before their lives matter.

      2. “All lives matter,” huh? So how about that list of names? How many of their lives matter to you?

      3. Diane, the only person who is denying that anyone’s life mattered is you, when you responded to my list of black people killed by the police by saying that they weren’t all good honest citizens, and when you said that Michael Brown died because he was a “thug.”

        You say that all lives matter, but when somebody talks about black people being killed, you immediately start to hedge and look for any reason to excuse their deaths. Ever notice that?

      4. Ok. So what about all of the other people who were in no way attacking the police and got killed anyway?

    1. And people like you who won’t admit that a culture that willingly lets Planned Parenthood abort a significant portion of their babies, has children out of wedlock in a larger portion than any other racial group, commits more violent crime per capita than any other minority group, has habitually more problems with absentee fathers than any group of people, habituallly father children with multiple women, commit the most government fraud, have more illegal firearms in their possession, make up the largest membership in illegal street gangs, consume and sell more drugs per capita than any racial group, in the past have had the highest rate of unemployment in the U.S., where a significant amount of the male population scorns the opportunity to get education and makes fun of the people that do, who loot stores at the drop of a hat, who stole every night from the store where my wife used to work, etc., etc. What’s the matter with you? Aren’t you even paying attention?

    2. I guess that the FBI crime statistics are wrong then?

      They say that in the year 2016 (53.% ) of the murders in the United States were committed by blacks?

      You can see it here: https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2017/crime-in-the-u.s.-2017/tables/table-43

      Perhaps I am wrong but blacks make up about 12.5% of the population in the United States.

      And they commit 53.1% of ALL the Murders in the United States?

      It appears from the FBI statistics that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime based on there population.

      Yes black have a problem with both violence and crime.

      In conclusion, there is only systematic racism in the minds of people like you.

      Good job following the example that MLK gave us.

      You are pathetic….

  2. If All Lives Matter then all colors would be included. Picking a particular color and not including others is racist.
    If the intial poster, would have read the article and were able to comprehend the content, their post would not have been necessary.

    1. Diane keeps mentioning police dying in the line of duty but never firefighters or members of the armed forces. All professions matter.

      1. So if I were to complain and interject that people in other professions die in the line of duty too every single time you mention police officers being killed, would that be relevant to the discussion, or would it be a unproductive distraction?

      2. So if I kept pointing that out every time you talk about the deaths of police officers and complained that you weren’t mentioning that ALL dangerous jobs matter, would that be useful or would it be an annoying distraction?

  3. Ya know, I’m just not impressed with people who come in, make a post and when challenged continue on with the diatribe of trying for more points but always asking a question without saying much. In this instance it is the BLM poster. It’s the old cut and run tactic. All Lives Matter or the poster is a racist.

    1. Yes all lives matter!

      And who thought that Black Lives Matter is in any way, shape or form a good marketing slogan?

      Black lives just matter? Really?

      Is this supposed to be persuasive? It’s not…

      So for BLM, black lives just matter and everyone else is invisible?

      I got a better name for Black Lives Matter: Discipline & Educate Kids or DEK

      So there you have it… in 5 minutes I have a new name for Black Lives Matter that is powerful and means something!

      We all know that disciplined and educated kids grow up to become hard working adults who don’t break the law and don’t have encounters with the police.

  4. Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by the radical left and Antifa. Black Lives Matter and this recent BS rioting, looting and killing will in the next year kill more blacks than the police do in 10 years.

    I heard a recording of Chicago police on the scanner being called to a “Gangbangers shooting across the street at each other”. The response from two different officers (I am paraphrasing here) “let them shoot it out’.

    BLM idiots have already driven the police to not giving a s##t about responding to black on black crime or crime in black neighborhoods.

    No Black Lives really don’t matter to BLM. They are just ignorant fools who have just been used by the communists who want a revolution.

  5. The INTENTION of picking a color and not including all IS DIVISIVE. You might pick up a few snowflakes along the way but critical thinkers of ALL COLORS can see right through the bovine excrement.

  6. I got names too.

    Kelly Thomas
    Tony Timpa
    Daniel Shaver

    You forgot them. Probably because they’re all white and don’t fit your racist narrative. Did you really think you would accomplish anything other than being an annoying pr**k? At least you got that part down.

    1. It’s not that those names don’t matter, they do, but not when it comes to the BLM because they aren’t black. They are just as important when arguing police brutality, but the three of them would have never faced the oppression and systematic racism that every black person in America faces. As for your second sentence, you are being the annoying prick by undermining the BLM. All Lives don’t matter until Black lives matter.

  7. Blacks kill more blacks than any other group in society. Look at Chicago. Perhaps ya all should clean up your own house first.

  8. Wow, Ethel here doubling down on an obviously racist position. Please enlighten me as to how its perfectly fine for you to say you don’t care about those names, but it’s NOT okay for me to do the same? We had rioting and looting for a career criminal, yet hardly a word for a man that served his community for almost 40 years. The GoFundMe for David Dorn’s family was started by a white man, in case you weren’t aware. Why don’t you come back and argue your point when gangbangers stop pulling 9 year old children into alleys and executing them for being related to a criminal. When there is as much outrage over 10 killed and 48 wounded in one weekend in Chicago, by their own people, as there is now about a handful of corrupt LEOs……..maybe then you might convince me that the black community actually cares and isn’t using George Floyd as an excuse to stick it to “whitey.”

    Ethel, we see the racism being pushed here. You don’t fool us.

    P.S. – Did you really say those guys wouldn’t experience racism? How could they? They’re dead, you complete buffoon. What an absolutely ignorant thing to say, especially since I KNOW you aren’t psychic and couldn’t possibly know what those men would have experienced IF they had not been killed. I would love it if you could just take your racist nonsense somewhere else. OUR community would be better off.

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