Looters = Protesters

By:  Diane Benjamin

I reported in this story one of the “peaceful” protesters was arrested for looting.  https://blnnews.com/2020/06/09/ironic-isnt-it/

Evidently she wasn’t the only protester turned looter:

h/t:  a reader

I wonder if the “peaceful” Sonny has turned over names to the police?

sonny knows looters

Another post from Sonny’s “peaceful” page:

sonny christopher columb

Miller Park doesn’t have a statue of Christopher Columbus, but that didn’t stop his excited buddies:

sonny excited

The original author did finally figure out Miller Park doesn’t have a Christopher Columbus statue, this local landlord and realtor wasn’t happy:


Bloomington needs video surveillance on the monuments that do exist!

Miller Park does have a recently installed plaque by the lake making sure you never forget Bloomington was a racist town that segregated swimmers.  It implies racism led to the death of a black girl who drowned.

I did my own research at the library, the girl was unsupervised playing with friends.  She fell off a platform in a closed area.  Whites nearby tried to save her but couldn’t.  It was an accident that had nothing to do with racism.

Thanks to the McLean County History Museum for cherry-picking facts and never mentioning decades of progress.  #Re-WritingHistory


14 thoughts on “Looters = Protesters

    1. The guy was and is a goofball. Always had political themed artifacts all around his office. Had a picture of him and Barry Obama front and center behind his desk so it hit you in the face as soon as you walked in. Probably from a fundraiser where he paid $500 to $1000 dollars for rubber chicken and a picture.

  1. Communists rewrite history to fit their Agenda! They have been doing it with controlled propaganda since Lenin and his Bolshevik Red Army took over Russia in 1917!

  2. Is this to be known as the time when low IQ Americans bonded together to show the world why they are bottom feeding losers who will never amount to even a small pile of dog s##t or do anything of consequence throughout their entire miserable lives?

  3. And nearly seventy years later we all swim in the same pools, shop in the same stores, live and work in the same towns and workplaces, vote at the same polling places, have mayors, governors, congressmen, and senators of all races, have nearly 375,000,000 contacts with law enforcement where no one gets killed….
    Naw….. No progress here.

  4. Christopher Columbus has always been one of my favorite historical figures and always will be. Only a matter of time before American communists like Sonny Garcia try to change the names of Washington and Jefferson streets.

  5. Wait until Sonny Garcia figures out the Knights of Columbus are named after Christopher Columbus.

      1. Truth be told, neither was his buddy Lincoln. If anyone would care to read historian Tom DiLorenzo’s book ‘The Real Lincoln’, we wouldn’t call this state ‘The land of Lincoln’ for long

  6. I will shut up about removing statues when the lefties start destroying and removing Obama statues. Obama’s relatives on his mothers side were slave holders. So that makes Obama a racist

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