UPDATE: Is the Illinois GOP responsible for this?

I talked to Connie Beard, Chair of the McLean County Republican Party.  This is a local effort to counter the democrats who are doing the same thing.  No voter fraud here folks.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Republicans around the State of Illinois should be calling for the immediate resignation of GOP Party Chair Tim Schneider if he had anything to do with the below.  I’ve tried to confirm with someone in leadership if they did, nobody has answered phones or emails.

A reader sent me copies of what she received in the mail.  She might have originally thought is was from BecVote.org – they are referenced.  (Bloomington Election Commission)  It wasn’t.  It was from something called GOP Remote Vote in Peoria.

The flyer has a detachable postcard they want returned.  The card claims to be able to get a mail-in ballot for you.

Here’s the problem:  It comes pre-printed with your name, address and birth date:

ballot ap

They want you to add your cell phone number, email address, and SIGNATURE and then drop the postcard in the mail – after adding a stamp.

Identity theft anyone?

This is the reverse side:

gop gotv

If this is some organization impersonating the GOP it better become news very fast.  Nothing is more stupid than this!

I know other people have received the same flyer.  Don’t fall for it!

The return address on the flyer say Paid for by the Illinois Republican Party.






10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Is the Illinois GOP responsible for this?

  1. Maybe a little over the top, your birth date is public knowledge. I googled your name and the second result gave me your birthday. There are a lot of things to worry about, but having your birth date preprinted is not one of them.

    1. Is this the same Fred Smith that had a meltdown in the Provost Office because a Lutheran Church rented facilities at Illinois State University and were “indoctrinating young people”. If so I would say you aren’t really credible in any way.

  2. This has to be a scam…only the election commission or county clerk would be sending a request for absentee ballot form out. The scam would collect signatures to be used by forgerers on mail in ballots. I’d report to legal authorities at once!

  3. Surely another clandestine effort by the demonrats as they know they cannot win an honest election. Deceive to achieve.

  4. They made my mother 2 weeks older then she REALLY is, so she put it in “file 13”.. Goes out FRiday with ALL the other “file 13” stuff.

    1. My Aunt’s age was also incorrect. The GOP , no party, should be doing this. This is not ok. The language on the maulers is very deceptive and quite confusing.

      1. I tossed mine upon receiving it. It went out with the the kitchen trash and the cat litter, because I am 100% against mail in voting except for LEGIT absentee and I am 100% against “online/remote” voting, and also think “early voting” should be limited to a week, 10 days absolute max, and of course a picture ID to vote and I like India’s inked finger thing too to show one has already voted.

  5. My elderly mother received one of these cards in the mail. She wants to vote in the upcoming presidential election, so I was ready to fill it out and return for her. I read the fine print. It didn’t smell right. I remembered this – Republican Scott Taylor’s 2018 campaign in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District and the ballot fraud.
    After doing some research I called the county clerk’s office and was informed that a request for an absentee ballot will be mailed to my mother in coming days. The GOP postcard is an attempt to confuse voters.
    Do your research.

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