League of Women Voters are too biased to participate in elections

By:  Diane Benjamin

Undo police scrutiny?  Poor investigative techniques?  Does the LWV want the police defunded to go along with their left wing bias?

Obviously nobody at the LWV bothered to listen to the audio of the body cam:

Short version:  https://blnnews.com/2020/07/24/breaking-in-support-of-art-and-camille-taylor-2-0-the-un-redacted-truth/

Entire Interview:  https://blnnews.com/2020/07/24/in-support-of-art-and-camille-taylor-3-0-the-entire-police-interview/

Thanks for proving you are democrats or worse LWV.  We appreciate the clarification.  The local police deserve better from you.  

lwc taylor

Re-Writing history courtesy of the Pantagraph:


9 thoughts on “League of Women Voters are too biased to participate in elections

  1. Yes the League of Women voters are too biased on this issue and several others. The League of Women voters were first utilized by the father of propaganda Edward Bernays in a attempt to push the League of Nations on the American people in the 20th century. To this day the League of Women Voters push the global governance agenda.

  2. Art regurgitating his story in the Pantagraph on-line edition today. As usual, Pantagraph a few days late and basically tells only one side of the story. Entrenched media in this town are clueless and incapable of investigative reporting.

    1. The Pantycrap also said they weren’t going to release the body cam video. Too late, Diane already did. Obviously, it would do great harm to the narrative the Pantycrap wants to advance. Art and Camille are a solution in search of a problem.

  3. This is all part of the narrative of the local command-and-control, central planning government. I really hope the local police unions come out loudly against the “defund” knucklehead candidates in the next election. How much abuse are they going to take? Mark my words, if the candidates supported by Jenn and Crabs win in the next election, the City Council will introduce over-the-top ordinances restricting what calls police respond to and the use of non-lethal force like pepper spray. The (mostly imagined) event is the first stepping stone. I hope to heck I’m wrong in this prediction.

      1. Probably too late for county board or any state races, but petitioning for city/town/school councils/boards starts next month.

        1) SUPPORT good candidates! Money is arguably best because it’s hardest to come by, but most candidates have volunteer opportunities ranging from months to minutes, or just spread word of mouth.

        2) RECRUIT good candidates! If you can’t find good candidates to support, ‘Create’ Some! They’re much more likely to step forward if they know they’ll have a lot of support/help.

        3) BE a good candidate! If you can’t find/support/recruit a good candidate, then maybe that candidate needs to be you. Remember, it’s not a question of whether you’d be great at it, it’s a question of whether the public would be better served if you won vs ‘the other candidate(s)’. In some cases, I’d vote for my grade schooler if they could legally serve!

  4. The pantagragh reported our BPD CHIEF said his people acted appropriately. I feel certain he looked at all the available information before concluding to back his people. Mr Taylor should seriously consider stepping down from the police 👮‍♀️ commission.

  5. Back the Blue Central Illinois has arisen. We will no longer put up with one sided stories and total disrespect for police. You do not need the video to understand the officer did an excellent job. Police officers ask questions to get to the bottom of the story. It is called an investigation. Why is it that certain people in this community have nothing good to say about police at all but have no problem hitting 911 on their phone if needed. This constant bashing of police is going to stop. Carillo and Craybill need to get in touch with reality. Police are not militarized. I would hate to see either one of them run into a military situation. They won’t read you your rights and there is no complaint system. I don’t care if Barney the Dinosaur is running for office because soon it will be anyone but Carillo and anyone but Craybill.

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