Illinois GOP lies about not picking candidates

By: Diane Benjamin

Proof the ILGOP interferes in primaries, publicly they claim they don’t. They obviously want to stay in the minority by not allowing conservative fighters to be elected.

7 thoughts on “Illinois GOP lies about not picking candidates

  1. The requirement to get help from the IL Republicans is to have a long record of legislating as a Democrat while calling yourself a Republican. You know just like Irvin’s who they are also endorsing.

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  2. @Robert. Well said! This is because the IL Republican Party, which is run by Don Tracy out of Springfield, is currently being run by a Democrat. Yes you read that correctly! Don Tracy was a democrat for a very long time before he suddenly became a Republican and then suddenly became the chairman of our party!

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  3. This is all leftover money compliments of Dan Brady. Combined with Preston both are what’s wrong with Illinois. Preston will fit right in with the Springfield crowd. He’s crocked as the day is long and a professional politician who will do whatever he has to do to get reelected. He stands for nothing other than his own reelection.

    Right now he doesn’t even live in the district he’s running in. If he wins the primary he says he plans to move. He’ll stay put, buy a condo somewhere and use it for an office and claim it as his residence. Wouldn’t trust this idiot as far as I could throw him. Remember his hotel bill with the town of Normal? In the real world stuff like that will get you fired. In Illinois it will get you reelected.

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  4. “Fighting for positive change” – Does it get any more transparent that he is worthless and just another RINO? So sick of their cliches “Fighting for You!”, “Putting money back in the pocket of working families”, “Fighting for positive change” (shadows of Obama right there) spare me, spare us I am hoping that the days of the professional politician are nearing an end. Sick of these empty suits putting on a show for election time and just partying and thinking up stupid ways to spend OUR money on worthless projects that put money in the pockets of their donors and the rest of the time net-working for their next election with the same big money donors.

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  5. Scott Preston is dishonest. He’s a liar. He’s comfortable being publicly deceptive. He has zero integrity. We have enough of these kind of jerks in office. We do not need another one.

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  6. The ILGOP and their ‘slate’ sucks. I’m not voting for anyone on their slate. I’d vote for Chung over Preston and Pritzker over Irwin – any day – if they get the nomination – and I’m a Hard R ! – That’s how phony the ILGOP and their slate of meat puppets are. Why vote for proxy Dems like Irwin and Preston when you just vote for the real thing ? And no , i’m NOT voting for any tool or fool backed by Clemens Insurance . either 🙄🤮

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  7. Preston’s campaign slogans have been
    “CONSERVATIVE fighter” – He has a habit of voting to increase property taxes and has backed tons of wasteful spending including the Underpass and taking on more debt.
    “fighting for POSITIVE CHANGE” – He has never ought against tax queen Pam’s spending sprees. He didn’t even want public comment made easier. What the hell “positive change” has he fought for in Normal? I really want to know what change he is talking about.

    Since Preston was elected, has been a loyal puppet of socialist democrat Koos. Whether Preston or Chung wins they will both vote the way the Democrats want them to. Fisher may not be as polished, but at least he won’t be a Democrat puppet.

    Scott Preston is the new Josh Barnett!

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