Richard Irvin is in town for a “private” meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

Clemens and Associates is hosting a meeting for Irvin in the basement of their building on Empire. I know they previously hosted a meeting for Jesse Sullivan.

Richard Irvin has some competition however. A large number of Darren Bailey supporters are outside with signs. The Irvin sign can’t be seen from passing cars. Cat Peterson from Cities 92.9 is there in case Irvin is willing to answer questions. Listen for updates from her, I opted to leave.

I did talk to who I think is Irvin’s press manager. She thought I would be upset about Democrats running ads for Bailey. I’m not. I told her I am wondering why anyone would vote for a candidate bought by one guy for $50,000,000. She didn’t answer.

3 thoughts on “Richard Irvin is in town for a “private” meeting

  1. “Peaceable Assembly” for one hour. Our Constitutional Right. We held signs, prayed, waved, and several people in passing vehicles “honked their horns” in support. Great group of people. (No violence. No looting or burning down of the building.)

  2. Irvin has to to be stopped by voters in mass voting for Bailey. Irvin is bad news with an R by his name instead of a D. The man has sent out lies upon lies about Bailey for weeks and I would BET there are some very nasty little names in the background funding his campaign by the looks of it.. He’s another one who thinks Illinois stops at I-80 and there’s nothing down here but possums and crows and corn so we don’t need anything like roads or stuff like that.

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