Ecology Action Center Tax return

By: Diane Benjamin

According to this website, EAC has a fiscal year that ends on 6/30. The return as of 6/30/2021 is available:

Revenue was way down last year. The only reason I thought to look at this is because the Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District paid them labeled Customer relations:

That payment is probably related to this:

Gee, someone with common sense instead of hurting your wallet! Trees remove CO2, all plants do.

Government would rather destroy prosperity than use easy solutions.

Think before you vote!

2 thoughts on “Ecology Action Center Tax return

  1. On Bloomington’s June 13th council agenda:
    F. Consideration and action on a Resolution Authorizing the Renewal of a Joint Agreement with the Town of Normal and the Ecology Action Center for an Energy Efficiency Program, as requested by the Facilities Department. (Recommended Motion: The proposed Resolution and Agreement be approved.)


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