Ecology Action Center Tax return

By: Diane Benjamin According to this website, EAC has a fiscal year that ends on 6/30. The return as of 6/30/2021 is available: Revenue was way down last year. The only reason I thought to look at this is because the Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District paid them labeled Customer relations: That payment is […]

Public Comment rules made legal where nobody ever comments

By: Diane Benjamin BNWRD (Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District) is holding a meeting on Monday. They send their packet to me every month since documents aren’t on line. I have NEVER seen mention in the minutes of a citizen making Public Comment. That isn’t stopping them from making their policy legal however. Maybe McLean County […]

IEPA reportable event

By: Diane Benjamin The Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District has a Board meeting today. BNWRD sends me their Board packet every month. Citizens of Bloomington and Normal are billed with your water bill and as a line item on your property tax bill. The June 26th flooding did create a sewage overflow event that required […]

Imagine merit increases in government!

By: Diane Benjamin Too often blanket salary increases are given for government employees, even for non-union. The best employees aren’t rewarded while the worst employees are. Union members have no incentive to work harder or do a better job when salary increases are negotiated for all equally. One local government agency incentivizes their employees: Every […]

This owner got a BNWRD bill after 20 years!

By:  Diane Benjamin See the previous story: Stan Nord warned about local property rights because he got a bill that should have been paid by owners of his property years before.  The Town of Normal didn’t care that failure to collect was THEIR fault.  He paid the bill in protest. In the previous story […]