Imagine merit increases in government!

By: Diane Benjamin

Too often blanket salary increases are given for government employees, even for non-union. The best employees aren’t rewarded while the worst employees are. Union members have no incentive to work harder or do a better job when salary increases are negotiated for all equally.

One local government agency incentivizes their employees:

Every employee should be able to qualify for merit raises, it makes all of them better.

Who is this? First, you need to know your monthly bill will be going up:

It’s BNWRD – Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District. The increase is nominal until you add all the other nominal increases together: water rates, sewer rates, storm water rates, garbage rates, property tax rates, etc

If you remember previous stories about BNWRD the same is still true. Public Comment is rare to nonexistent.

See the Board Packet for 4-12-21 here:

11 thoughts on “Imagine merit increases in government!

  1. I need a government job. Never worry to scale back spending or risk losing your income because of a pandemic. It irritates me to no end that government employees see us struggling and they keep digging deeper and deeper into our pockets so they can get richer and richer.

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  2. New flash those fees and taxes are the price of civilization. We in this country have clean drinkable water. Same with our sewage system and garbage collection. These are services that make us a first world country not Bangladesh. Property taxes are the way we finance schools, libraries, fire and police services. Fees often have to be adjusted to the cost of living. Complaining about the salaries of government workers is really unfair. Do you think that anyone would work for the wages YOU think they should be paid, if they can go to a non government job and get paid more? No.


      1. And you’re an election expert? The 2020 election did not have any fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election. Trump’s AG Bill Barr conceded to that fact. Georgia’s ballots were hand counted three times. Wisconsin hand counted several ballots in contested counties. Trump’s law suits failed time and time again. Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell also recently stated that no rational person would think that massive voter fraud occurred in 2020. Finally Dominion is suing Fox, New Max et al for billions for defamation. We do not in fact have a third world elections.

        Taxation is theft? O.K. go anywhere where there isn’t taxation. How do you propose to get the necessary services like wastewater treatment, water delivered to your faucets, roads, bridges, police and fire? How do you think that this country’s infrastructure is created and financed?


  3. Here’s what I imagine: that government “leadership” gets paid “to play” the same way that business does. Use a sales model with a small base compensation and performance incentives for defined and measurable contributions to lower taxes, lower crime rate, lower fees, better bond rating, debt reduction, economic growth, new business attraction …. you get the idea.


  4. Friend of mine runs a company in Springfield. He’s always bringing up the fact that he CANNOT get anyone GOOD to work for under $100K a year as they are mostly people who work for the state, and have “cush” jobs with numerous benefits… It’s also VERY DIFFICULT to get anything done with these same people as they will do it “when they get around to it” YEP, a FIRST class nation full of sluffs! Wonder if that has a correlation to the obesity problem in this country? Let’s ask the Governor!

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  5. “I bet you don’t know ZERO courts heard challenges”.

    Yes they did. The courts threw out ALL those challenges because none of Trump lawyers could present ANY evidence of voter fraud. None. This included the Supreme Court which Trump rammed through a nomination at the last minute to ensure that his loss would be overturned.

    Well “dementia” did get 81 million votes and 51 percent of the popular vote. Which is absolute schadenfreude. Trump and all his supporters can sit in around crying in Florida about a stolen elections while the rest of us get on with our lives.


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