Unclaimed Property

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

If you haven’t checked the Illinois Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property site, you should. Some of what I found look like it’s now too easy for businesses just to send funds to the State instead of spending a little time getting a good address. Search here: https://icash.illinoistreasurer.gov/app/claim-search

Local businesses need to check this link, there are a lot of them listed. There are lots of medical providers and lots of banks that have been renamed because of mergers.

Friday fun, at least some of these shouldn’t have been that difficult to figure out where to send the check:

3 thoughts on “Unclaimed Property

  1. Yeah, I had some, and it should be easy, but of course they convoluted it to the max, it’s “over $100.00” guess I’ll go check the e-mail they say they’ll send and see how many other hoops I’ll need to jump through.

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