Normal’s “Professional Staff” comedy

By: Diane Benjamin

Think Normal isn’t waging a war with Bloomington?

Pam Reece sent a letter to Bloomington demanding remittance and answers for non-payment of sewer fees Bloomington has collected on Normal properties:

If this doesn’t prove government isn’t efficient or capable, nothing will convince you. Since “at least” 2012 Normal thinks Bloomington has been pocketing sewer money collected from people hooked up to Normal’s lines.

9 years and nobody noticed?

If you open Pam’s letter it includes a 2 page list of questions Tim Gleason is suppose to complete and return. I would not expect a highly paid City Manager to demand her questions be answered when she and the previous City Manager failed to collect fees owed to the Town.

For the other side of the story see the Bloomington City Manager’s response:

According to Tim Gleason, Bloomington has been trying to work with Normal since 2018. He quoted an email from a Normal employee saying Bloomington doesn’t owe them anything. Bloomington thought they still did, so the Finance Director contacted Normal’s Director of Water who promised to follow up with Normal’s Finance Director. That was in 2019. Bloomington heard nothing until 2021.

The City of Bloomington has a payable they have carried for years attempting to resolve this issue. In a stroke of genius, Gleason included his own list of questions he wants Reece to answer.

Unfortunately none of the questions are:

  1. Nobody noticed for 9 years?
  2. Is this how you handle all taxpayer money?
  3. Does the Council know about your incompetence?
  4. Is this how all the “professional staff” operate?
  5. Is Normal just now getting to this because they are desperate for money?
  6. How long is this war going to last?

That last question is easy. Normal reelected the guy who is waging it, so at least until he’s gone.

Nice job Normal!

Maybe they are too busy “making progress”.






10 thoughts on “Normal’s “Professional Staff” comedy

  1. Her majesty is the same person who caused the town of Normal to pay property taxes on city tax exempt property because of her incompetence.

    She’s a piece of work. So is her mother-in-law.

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  2. Other than white privelige , what merited Pam’s hiring ? oh ya – nepotism. Hope Gleason tosses or deletes her ‘attempt to collect a debt’😂
    Pam, you need to more than just clutch pearls and whine all the time. Try making your husband a sandwich as a coping mechanism.


  3. When we had our sewer redone either last year or 2019. There was a problem on Fell Avenue where a Bloomington line was located and it took several days as Normal did not have any knowledge of the line which had been there for years. The road was blocked around the big hole in the street for a few days. Government at its finest?


  4. Someone tells me they owe me money and I say they don’t. Then they send me a bitchy letter like Pam did accusing me for not paying them. Pam is as much of an a-hole as Peterson.

    I’d be fired if it came out I forgot to collect that much money. Especially after I had been repeatedly told by the AG that I was holding illegal meetings.

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