Return to Civility by Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this story?

Normal City Manager Pam Reece wrote a letter to Bloomington’s City Manager claiming sewer fees had been collected by Bloomington for systems owned by Normal.

It only took her 9 years to notice a problem existed.

The letter was complete with a 2 page 11 point questionnaire she expected Gleason to complete and return.

I FOIA’d Gleason’s response which is also included in the story. His letter claimed Bloomington had first been told they didn’t owe Normal but Gleason persisted and tried to conclude the issue back in 2018. Normal failed to respond.

Gleason didn’t fill out Reese’s questionnaire but he did include one of his own.

I sent one final FOIA for Reece’s response to Gleason’s letter. All of the communication was before the April 8, 2021 story was written, so it had no effect on the exchange.

Pam Reece’s tone did improve however, probably because Gleason told her Normal had dropped this ball. Reece’s response:

Gleason’s letter states email communication should be used in the future. Reece actually wrote the initial LETTER, Gleason responded with a LETTER.

If you didn’t read the original exchange, take the time to do it. It speaks volumes about integrity. The “professional staff” label must constantly be used at Normal Council meetings because they aren’t.






4 thoughts on “Return to Civility by Normal

  1. There is noticeable difference in civility on each side of Division street. Bloomington’s council, new mayor and manager all seem decent except for Jenn. Normal on the other hand all come across as bullies and asses except for Nord. There must be a requirement to be an a-hole to be a part of the “in crowd” in Normal’s government. Just an observation…

  2. Holly: uptown has ALWAYS been an “uppity crowd” even WAY before Dave Anderson who started the current wave of stupidity and corruption..

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