Remember when Normal didn’t know where their sewers were?

By: Diane Benjamin

See this story and the one linked in the story:

It only took Normal City Manager Pam Reece many years to realize Bloomington was collecting sewer fees from Normal customers. They used to meet yearly to divvy up the proceeds. Evidently Normal’s then City Manager Mark Peterson stopped having time.

Bloomington even tried to tell them in 2018 but no one responded, they also tried previously with no response. Bloomington has been accumulating the funds since 2012 waiting for Normal to wake up.

Read Pam Reece’s first letter to City Manager Tim Gleason in the linked story. The problem started in 2012, but Reece demanded expeditious action in March of 2021.

Well, it appears Bloomington and Normal finally reached an agreement on what Bloomington owes, this is on Bloomington’s Bills and Payroll for tonight:

Normal should be putting that money in the sewer fund.

Didn’t Koos mention using money from the sewer fund for their part of the underpass?

Parts of Normal again flooded, I bet homeowners expect Normal to separate the sewage and storm water systems with this windfall.

(Stop laughing now, what’s a little sewage in your house)







2 thoughts on “Remember when Normal didn’t know where their sewers were?

  1. The Town of Normal does not care about such mundane things as the sewer system or any day-in-and-day-out responsibilities of running a municipality and serving its citizens for that matter. Instead, the Town is a giant political machine that caters to elitist friends of government and ideologically-driven pet projects that benefit a very select few. If you’re not Rivian, Uptown, ISU, Julie/Bob, Farnsworth, or kiss the ring with the Clique, you just don’t matter.

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  2. Bloomington told Normal multiple times that they had money they owed Normal for the sewer. Normal told Bloomington each time they had no record of any money being due. When Pam realized she needed to find money for the Underpass she finally took the time to understand what Bloomington was talking about. Then she went ballistic on Gleason demanding payment ASAP.

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