Fibbing Pam Reece?

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember the sewer receipts fiasco between Normal and Bloomington? Normal finally figured out Bloomington had been collecting money from Bloomington water customers on sewers owned by Normal. It only took Normal 9 years to notice, even though Bloomington had attempted to resolve the issue previously.

Stan Nord wondered why the 3/31/21 financial statements didn’t mention a receivable from Bloomington. Below is Pam Reece’s response. She claimed Normal AND Bloomington didn’t know before the March 31st. She also claimed the Bloomington financial statements never reflected a payable to Normal.

She must not have read the letter Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason wrote to her on MARCH 19th, 2021:


Listen to Pam Reece claim exactly the opposite:

The Normal financial statements should have reflected a receivable from Bloomington, they don’t. Stan Nord was right, Pam Reece was playing CYA for herself and former City Manager Mark Peterson. She failed!

Can we believe anything you say Pam?

Original story about the payment:

2 thoughts on “Fibbing Pam Reece?

  1. The purpose of Normal’s audit is not to ensure taxpayer dollars and assets are accurately recorded. The propose is for staff to purchase an award. Some council and mayor went on and on about how the audit was squeaky clean even though this $800k “oops” was a well known irregularity that occurred during the audit window and not even mentioned in the report. Normal and their audits for the past 10 years overlooked this AR screwup. Remember, Bloomington discovered it because of an audit! Audits work if your goal is to get more from them than just paying for an award!

    Oh, the vote was 6-1 to approve the audit award instead of having the auditor address fiscal control issues.

    Stan Nord – Normal Council member

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