Are Cummings and Hile-Broads Jehovah Witnesses?

By: Diane Benjamin

Why did Chemberly Cummings, Julie Hile, and Bob Broad stand for last night’s Pledge of Alliance and not participate?

Either they are all members of the Jehovah Witness church who refuse to say the pledge because they consider it idolatry, or they have some other reason.

Chemberly Cummings has never said the pledge, she doesn’t like America. She has stated she won’t say it until everybody is equal. Stay seated Chemberly, standing just makes you look like a hypocrite. Chemberly was elected twice to serve the people of Normal. That’s oppression! Good luck with that equal thing, most people know that’s communism. Everybody is equally miserable.

Maybe Julie Hile and Bob Broad can explain why they didn’t participate. Maybe Julie doesn’t appreciate being on the Connect Transit Board. Maybe she doesn’t appreciate getting paid by the McLean County Regional Planning Commission to plan transportation so individuals don’t have to accept personal responsibility for doing stupid things that get people killed. Maybe she and her husband don’t appreciate the grant money they received for historic preservation of Normandy Village. Maybe they just hate America too. What is the reason Hile-Broads?

It wouldn’t be a Normal Town Council meeting without at least one “attack Stan” comment. During the almost 3 hour meeting there was lots of time to do that. This is only the first story on let’s “attack Stan” night.

Start with Chemberly Cummings. She thinks comments Stan makes reflect badly on the rest of the Council. They don’t Chemberly, the Council actions reflect badly on the Council. Cummings made this comment after Julie Hile spoke:

Julie Hile had to sit through the whole meeting to make her Public Comment at the end since it had nothing to do with the agenda. I wonder if she blamed Chris Koos’ insane policy for wasting her entire night – almost three hours!

Hile all but threatened to sue Stan Nord because of comments she thinks he has made about her business – Normandy Village. She didn’t state anything specific, probably because she can’t. Stan made lots of comments about One Normal Plaza, the only one I remember about Normandy Village was repeating what Hile said at the Planning Commission meeting – it is 98% rented.

The real divisive person is Julie Hile. The documents the Town presented to both the Planning Commission and the Town have as the first reason for the changes:

So, the Hile-Broads conspired with the “professional staff” to get changes they want so they didn’t have to request the changes themselves before the Planning Commission and the Council.

Julie exacerbated the problem June 4, 2020 at the Planning Commission meeting when she testified in support of the proposed changes to zoning at One Normal Plaza, she thought it would be lovely to have “libations” within walking distance of her office:

Julie Hile’s “libations” comments launched MANY area residents opposed to alcohol in the park to organize. Hile proved, and eventually the majority of the Town Council reiterated it, citizens are expected to pay taxes and but their opinions don’t matter. Sit down, shut up.

If the Hile-Broads continue attacking Stan for hurting their 98% rented business, I’m sure plenty of citizens would testify for Stan. Those taxpayers invited Stan to listen, the rest of the Council didn’t bother. Hile looked very much like a instigated setup as she READ her comments. Authoritarian wannabes don’t mind wasting time to score “points”, even if they fall flat.

Communist Cuba just decreed “lies” can be prosecuted. Maybe Normal can pass a similar decree to silence Stan, the vote would be 6-1. Cummings and the Julie Hile weren’t the only attacks last night, stay tuned.

Just hit Play to hear Hile’s attack:

9 thoughts on “Are Cummings and Hile-Broads Jehovah Witnesses?

  1. Won’t stand for the pledge and obviously don’t take their oath of office seriously. Traitors! Argh, make ’em walk the plank captain and let God sort them out!


  2. Hile won’t sue Stan, as she probably doesn’t want certain things to come out during the discovery process…I’d imagine Koos wouldn’t want that either. Just a wild guess.

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  3. Hile fired the consultants leading Connect Transit workgroup because they were not coming to the conclusion she wanted. Then she led the workgroup and twisted the recommendations into B and N contributing more money and ignoring the problems. I wouldn’t believe a word she said, ever.

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  4. This lady is acting! I’ve seen her work when she did the Strategic Plan for the English Department at Illinois State University (where her Husband was the Director of the Writing Program). She is not this person, she is acting and it’s disgusting! She does not serve, she is making money.


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