Lorenz: You need to apologize for claiming to be GOP

By: Diane Benjamin

How to tell when a Normal Town Council meeting will go bad: Stan Nord is attacked in the first 14 minutes.

Of course Nord has a problem with sewer tap on fees, some developers get charged the big bucks and some get by with paying nothing. He didn’t say it, but he has every right to be concerned because the Town billed him the same fee because they forgot to charge 3 or 4 property owners before him. $11,904 just because he dared run for Council. Vindictive? You bet. Those are my words!

This story has a lot of the details and links to other stories: https://blnnews.com/2020/05/06/different-rules-if-government-likes-you/

Kathleen’s greatest hits Part 1:

Kathleen Lorenz went on her first whine about Nord 14 minutes into the meeting. Before KL, Kevin McCarthy hilariously claimed the Council would have to change the tap-on fee map, Kevin left out staff has to prepare the changes and bring it to the Council. Koos joins in the fun too. I wonder how Lorenz would feel if the Town billed her for tap-on fees they forgot to charge the Ironwood developer? That is what the Town did to Stan!

Kathleen’s greatest hits Part 2:

Normal just extended their contract with the outside auditor to 7 years – last March: https://blnnews.com/2021/03/02/normal-trustees-whatever-stan-says-we-vote-against/

Does the Council know the Dixon Il books were audited and received a clean audit – just like Normal did Tuesday? Does the Council know the easiest way to defraud is to be cozy with the auditor? Karyn Smith knows, she said nothing.

Stan Nord knows his job is working for citizens, Kathleen Lorenz works for the staff. In the clip below she apologizes to the auditor because Stan dared to ask questions:

Kathleen’s greatest hits Part 3:

For this one I have to include Kevin McCarthy, a liberal progressive democrat Kathleen completely agrees with. (Turn in your Republican membership Kathleen, you don’t represent anybody but yourself)

The clip below is from Council comments at the end of the meeting, after Julie Hile spoke. Only people who NEVER agree with Stan Nord would call him a bully. Nord has the audacity to ask questions and point out actions and policies the people paying the bills (taxpayers) need asked. Both McCarthy and Lorenz want to go back to those 10 minute meetings where the Council celebrates how great Normal is and the staff is perfect. For not complying with the other bobbleheads, Stan is a bully. Does McCarthy and Lorenz represent you?

Note: Julie Hile never stated what bothered her about what Stan Nord said or posted. She had over 5 minutes, she failed to do anything but attack Stan. I posted what she said yesterday: https://blnnews.com/2021/09/08/are-cummings-and-hile-broads-jehovah-witnesses/ and here: https://blnnews.com/2021/09/08/koos-buddies-can-break-the-rules/

Enjoy, McCarthy went off script. (his words)








7 thoughts on “Lorenz: You need to apologize for claiming to be GOP

  1. Lorenz is highly respected by Democrats. She is a shining example of a RINO, claims to be R but voting record proves D. The GOP has lost credibility because they choose to ignore their RINO problem at any level. Connie Beard hates the word RINO. Like the word or not, the unobstructed proliferation of RINOs is the #1 reason people leave the party. Ever heard of the Dems having a DINO problem? Me neither.

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  2. RINO’s,,,it’s called infiltrate. There are no cooincidences in politics. Lol, any honesty ever pop out of a polical science professors mouth that would be it. Then turn them off, walk away. Then the town council, scratch that, then “the gang” of Koos lemmings beats up on Stan Nord trying to run him off council as what Renner and his minions did to Lower and Sterns in Bloomington. Ya’all get a minute, send a big thank you to Stan. Keep up the great work Stan and stay strong!

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  3. An apology from Democrat Lorenz will be as much of a JOKE as her fellow Dems crying election fraud in 2016 then disgusted anyone would speak of the possibility of fraud in 2020.

    Any apology should be from the GOP who funded and endorsed Democrat Lorenz pretending to be a Republican.

    Don’t forget Lorenz was the swing vote who first voted against raising property taxes then Benedict Arnold’ed her vote to raise them.

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  4. What never is talked about from the dias in Uptown when it comes to 1 Normal plaza is what a debacle the town of Normal has created by trying to manage and take control of property in this part of town. Specifically, I’m referring to the deal with Nick Africano and what a mess that’s been. All of it created by the Normal Town Council trying to take control of this property. Can we trust them with matters pertaining to this area after this mess? I think not and that’s what many of us are afraid of (and with good reason) when it comes to Julie Hile. Like Afracino, we’re afraid of her taking the Normal Town Council for a ride. Given the coziness she has with this mayor and Council we have every reason in the world to be concerned.

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  5. The other day I was a GOP event and Connie Beard was asked about RINOs. She said the County GOP welcomes all shades of RED. I guess BLUE is an acceptable shade of RED.

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  6. People like Lorenz is what you get when community leadership, SF, CF, and the local universities extend an open invitation for the Chicago types to “come on down” and make BN their lifelong home. I really don’t know how and don’t care how she got downstate but my understanding she was a Chicago suburbanite who went to Purdue University. Needless to say, residents of Greater Chiraq think they know more, are smarter and just know better people from top to bottom than the downstate rubes. Just ask them. It’s one of the primary reasons that BN has become the hole it now is. All of them bring their holier-than-thou attitude or their ghetto upbringing to town for the rest of the good residents to experience. In their view, the Chicago Way is the only way. They destroyed their own hometowns and neighborhoods and now it is time to to do the same in a new location. Big city urban lifestyles are the only thing they know and can’t wait to share it. After they rape their adopted hometown just like they did to the town they were birthed in, it’s off to destroy another community in places like Florida, Texas , SC or Arizona. It’s a cycle without end with destruction left in its wake.

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