Koos buddies can break the rules

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a citizen of Normal

The video below starts where Chris Koos is introducing Julie Hile at 2:20:30. He instructs her that she has 3 minutes to speak.

Hile starts talking at 2:20:48, she finishes at 2:25:30.

Chris Koos: That’s way over 3 minutes. You didn’t stop her, therefore YOU have changed the rules for Public Comment for ALL people who want to talk. There is no need to quit talking at three minutes now, Koos has set the precedent.

Turn the sound off, I’m sure you don’t want to hear Julie Hile again. Just hit PLAY, I’m going to save more of last night for tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Koos buddies can break the rules

  1. The Hile-Broads are besties of Koos and Reece. Pam donates our tax dollars to their elitist only bocce ball tournament. The Hile-Broads are big donors to Koos and part of his PAC leadership. They earn/steal their income from taxpayers. Hile is a paid government transportation consultant and on the Connect Transit board voting to fund her own work.. Broad is an ISU professor. Everyone knows they colluded with Reece to pass zoning changes so they can have a bar in One Normal Plaza for them to enjoy “libations”…barf, barf. They are the epitome of local corruption and grift.

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  2. Anything Julie says at a Normal Town Council meeting is staged with Chris Koos as the instigator. The same with her husband and kids. They’re all in bed with Koos, living large off the public trough. Julie is a very poor actress. She’s trying to come off as this sweet business woman in Normandy Village who is being victimized by Stan Nord. Don’t be fooled, people. Not that many of us are. This is one nasty woman, a left wing ideologue, greedy government funded vulture. Just remember, she’s the head and the tail of the Connect Transit board. Say no more.

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  3. This is small potatoes to other rules they ignore…per the Koos doctrine, rules only apply to serfs…Normal has 2 classes of citizens…and the elected RINOs are on board with this…thanks Preston and Lorenz

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  4. Never forget that the BN Elitist Clique is a living, breathing animal with an insatiable appetite to dominate non-members. Rules have never applied and never will for the Clique. If the Clique wants your tax money they will steal it. If they want to turn a quiet park into a raucous outside bar for their pleasure, then so be it. If they choose to flaunt local ordinances, it is their birthright. Get use to the fact that the Elitist Clique is your lord and ruler. It is what made BN into the decaying soon to be hellhole it will become sooner rather than later. Nothing ever changes in the Bloomington- Normal, absolutely nothing.


  5. One of the first things I checked when I saw Julie was going to speak was when she started speaking, and sure enough, she went over the 3 minute mark. I plan on sending an email to Koos about the overage. Please join me in letting our Mayor know we aren’t blind.

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  6. This was political smear tactic. Did you notice Julie gave no quotes of what Stan said that she was so upset about?
    This is what they did to Tiritilli and Trump. Make claims to get headlines that have zero substance. Can’t believe how gullible people are to fall for this. The Pantagraph fell for it and published a headline with no substance for what the issue was about. That headline will be used by whoever Koos has run against Stan’s re-election.

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