Normal: Sympathy?

By: Diane Benjamin

On bills paid tonight that no one is allowed to question, PDF page 13:


Real sympathy is using your money not taxpayer dollars they worked hard to earn.

I hope an office collection was taken to reimburse the people who really paid, or the card sent said from: Citizens of Normal. It would be nice to know who taxpayers sent this to!

Normal, it doesn’t become your money to flitter away as you chose just because you picked taxpayer pockets.

Article 8 – Illinois Constitution:

Wouldn’t it be nice if Normal showed a little sympathy for taxpayers?

6 thoughts on “Normal: Sympathy?

  1. Something I always remind people of is this – The Government, be it city, county, state or federal, does not produce anything in order to generate income – everything they do or pay for or “give” out is actually from those who pay taxes of any kind and those who pay registration and license fees of any kind. NOTHING is actually given or paid for BY the government – it’s our money, your money, they just take it and act like it’s theirs it’s OPM -other people’s money – and they spend it like a gold digger with a sugar daddy. We’re their sugar daddies. – Oh, and you KNOW it won’t say “from the citizens of Normal”.

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  2. It reveals an attitude. Like kids breaking into unlocked cars. No big harm, but those kids usually end up breaking into houses, businesses or more likely hacking your identity and into your bank account.

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  3. I hope the recipient realizes the hollowness of the Mayor’s gesture. Taxpayers paid for the flowers, not the Mayor or Council. Any thank you response should be to the taxpayers who paid for it.

    Of course this article will change nothing. I am sure the council bobble heads and Reece are patting themselves on their back for how caring and sympathetic they are.

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    1. Yes, if you have massive, overflowing virtue, you can do underhanded things that “normal” people would never do. And walk away with a big virtuous smile on their face.

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