Progressive Mentality

By: Diane Benjamin

From Twitter:

Thanks for proving character is immaterial!

Progressives have no core values, government spending for progress is all that matters.

6 thoughts on “Progressive Mentality

  1. Progressive decision making always leads with ideology. You don’t have to justify ideology.
    Can we afford it? Doesn’t matter
    Will it hurt others? Don’t care.
    Are other values impacted? I don’t worry about that.
    Have you thought through all the ramifications? That just wastes time.
    Have you considered other options? My decision fits my ideology, there are no other options.

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    1. Clown is right. This limp-wristed doofus probably has the same embarrassingly low testosterone levels that pansy Obama had.


  2. Perhaps there is some truth that Andrew Matthews is related to Tartan Realty/Construction folks by marriage. That would explain alot! Ideology Ben? Or same old, same old follow the money sell out hypocrite?

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  3. Is this the same Andrew Matthews who teaches political science at ISU? What exactly did he disagree with Koos on?


  4. The Matthews brothers .They can’t help you and they can’t hurt you. Neither worth the bother The common thread between them is they both have a propensity to support local candidates that lose elections


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