Why Koos was desperate and what he didn’t bother to tell you

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

The below was received by FOIA. Other documents state a new library is still on the table after the underpass is built. Many Koos voters think the only thing that matters is progress, progress to what is never defined. They think projects like this, funded completely with tax dollars, is progress.

Think back to the February 1st budget meeting. Stan Nord questioned spending on the underpass without a Council vote. Pam Reece, in the video below states no money is in the budget for construction. (as in ZERO!)

Proving yet again the Council doesn’t need to exist, Chris Koos wrote the below on April 1st. He knows his bobbleheads will approve whatever he says, the Council should feel like their authority is usurped but they won’t. When your storm water rates are increased, this will be why. Keep in mind Koos started a war with Bloomington over losing $1 million when Metro Zone was dissolved. Obviously that amount is meaningless considering the below.

According to this article, Normal ended the year with a $1.9 million surplus, so Koos spent it: https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/normal-ends-fiscal-year-strong-prepares-for-covid-19-impact/article_6cdfbd1a-fd3b-5493-963f-7c86ded3b212.html

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