Guillotine Jenn

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Yesterday Jenn Carrillo did a video on her official Facebook page trying to get people to vote. She obviously failed or she never had much support in the first place.

Look at the necklace she is wearing:

We know Jenn wants to overthrow capitalism, which means overthrowing the country. The guillotine was used during the protests last summer to threaten people:

Add this to her previous threats and she should be removed from office:

Did she realize later in the video she was wearing it and try to hide it?

Or, was she making sure her supporters knew yesterday was Revolution Day? Has she admitted yet her revolution flopped?

When does the burning, looting, and killing start Jenn since you failed miserably with voting?

When Chicago gives the orders?

18 thoughts on “Guillotine Jenn

  1. A black man wins an election in Bloomington and Jenn is mad as hell. I think this destroys her bigoted claims that racism is rampant in Bloomington.

  2. Too bad all Marxist candidates across the country don’t use Carillo as their campaign manager. If they did, we’d have none holding office anywhere. Such a clown. A reeeaaallll Bozo.

  3. How do you tell if you are a leader Jenn? Look around, who’s following?

    It’s time for you to put on your Antifa costume and move to Chicago.
    There are too many people here with common sense for you to be taken seriously.

  4. Why doesn’t the mayor or city attorney step in & stop this foolishness??   She’s gonna get somebody hurt or killed!!  Get rid of her now!! 


  5. Her little tirade is making all the press and TV. I hope to God the common sense seen in Bloomington last night shows up 2 years from now aided by the tirade.

  6. This is what happens when you ignore mental health as a community for 40+ years. Jenn, you represent nobody’s opinion in your ward or anywhere. Resign, get help, come back productive.

    1. Agreed. In all seriousness, it is obvious this woman has concerning mental health issues that need to be professionally addressed. She is irrational in all her actions and is a danger to herself and those around her. She just threatened two newly-elected officials that would have got the rest of us a visit from the police and a likely arrest. Bloomington should be investigating all legal means to get her removed from council before she loses it and tries to do something to another council person. It should be obvious to anyone she is not right in the head and needs to be observed 24/7.

  7. D.C. medical examiner says Ashli Babbit’s death was a homicide. In other words, she was murdered by a Capitol police officer who has yet to be named.

    Where are the protests, Jenn? Where is the solidarity from BLM, Jenn? Where are the people shouting angrily about this, Jenn? Where are all the signs saying ACAB and F 12, Jenn? Where are the riots, Jenn? Where is the looting, Jenn? Where are the righteous fires, Jenn?

    There won’t be any, will there, Jenn? Because you’re nothing but a piece of shit liar and anyone believing that black supremacist BLM shit is a liar. You stand for yourself and getting your name out there. You don’t give a shit about people, only yourself and your image. I wish I could tell you and all your idiot “comrades,’ including Sonny boy, to your stupid faces, how much I hate your guts. And for the record, even though I shouldn’t have to say this, my hatred of you has NOTHING to do with you being a woman, or a minority. You’re a counterfeit. A fake. A phony. A fraud. A liar. A hypocrite.

    In all, Jenn, you’re worthless.

  8. Take note, Jenn. “The Reign of Terror, best symbolized by the guillotine, has gone down in history as the central proof of the maxim that revolutions devour their own.”
    “Robespierre himself infamously found his own head chopped off after he led this terror in the name of republican ‘virtue”.”

  9. Does anyone know if she still works for YWCA as a “Mission Impact” director? I for one won’t contribute any more money or support an organization that is reckless enough to have her as an employee. Their “Mission Impact” website states……

    “Advocacy and Public Policy
    We promote, advocate, and take action for national, statewide, and local policies that promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all, including racial justice, immigrant and refugee rights, LGBTQ equality, women’s empowerment, and economic justice.”

    Please help me understand how to reconcile Jens statement below with the public policy statement from her employer.

    “I’m much more committed to being on the right side of justice than I am to respectability or congeniality.”

    Jen needs to grow up. Does her employer have a social media policy that they enforce? If she is still employed by them she is an embarrassment to the YWCA of McLean County. As well as Ward 6.

      1. Somebody needs to compile and publish all of her hateful rhetoric during her tenure and present it to voters in Ward 6. She’s a loudmouth but telling people she doesn’t know that she plans to make their life a living hell is WAY over the top.

        She’s not only immature and classless she’s dangerous. Is anybody in Ward 6 planning to take any action on this?

    1. Good points Christine. And we could look at her behavior from this perspective.

      Intermittent explosive disorder involves repeated, sudden episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts in which you react grossly out of proportion to the situation. Road rage, domestic abuse, throwing or breaking objects, or other temper tantrums may be signs of intermittent explosive disorder.

      These intermittent, explosive outbursts cause you significant distress, negatively impact your relationships, work and school, and they can have legal and financial consequences.

  10. I’ve been a little out of touch on local reaction to Jenn’s threat to the newly elected Bloomington Alderman. And I have not heard anything about whether or not it will be addressed at tonight’s council meeting. Anyone know?

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