Marginalize Carrillo

By: Diane Benjamin

If the Normal Town Council can marginalize Stan Nord, the Bloomington City Council can marginalize Jenn Carrillo.

Every one of her candidates lost

Bloomington said loud and clear to socialists: Not In Our Town

Carrillo only won her seat by 42 votes. The City saw her antics for 2 years. It has affected her support and support for people she supports:

Jackie Gunderson came in third place. She lost by 1675 votes out of 11,508

Willie Holton Halbert lost by 667 votes out of 1853

Patrick Lawler lost by 200 votes out of 1246.

Kelby Cumpston lost by 157 votes of 683.

Only 21.73% of people bothered to vote.

Parts of the City had much higher turnout, parts had dismal turnout. You can see the map here:

Congrats Mboka. Can we just call you Mayor M? I can spell your last name, pronunciation is harder!

Carrillo wasn’t happy last night. “When We Fight We Win” failed (her motto):

Jenn: Bloomington proved they don’t care what you have to say.

Jenn, your buddies at Black Lives Matter proved ALL black lives don’t matter. BLM didn’t support the black candidate of mayor. It appears only black socialists lives matter.

20 thoughts on “Marginalize Carrillo

  1. If going 0 for 4 isn’t proof Carillo’s agenda is weak and not supported by the general populace then certainly it indicates she’s a failed leader. In reality both are true. What a clown! Take that sheep minded commie rhetoric somewhere else.

    I’m thrilled Bloomington made good choices last night. Hoping some of the new aldermen will help get things back on track.

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  2. She got skunked in her first turn out as a campaign matter and her post still stands this morning. She is now on a vacation from social media, She claims this is a movement and not a moment. Looks like your movement failed Jenn. Citizens are outraged as they should be. Only a few of her darlings came to her rescue on a post with 178 comments. We the people have spoken. People First Coalition went down in flames.

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  3. Jamona Jenn has the remaining 2 years on her term to make make everyone’s life hell. Go ahead Jenn , we can take it. Give us your best hell. It’s cool because you and Crabill are gone next election – 1 term socialist wonderz. Lastly Jenn , I hope you sent a thank-you note to GOP chair Connie Beard for all she did to ensure last nights outcome !


    1. The antics could be amusing, I just hope they don’t go full tantrum mode and spill over into the actual town causing any damage. I have come to think of them as adult size toddlers throwing a fit and they can really destroy stuff if they aren’t nipped right at the start. They can also hatch the most ridiculous and hair-brained little schemes that anyone with half a brain can see are destined to utter failure and yet off they toddle full of their often self bestowed confidence to wreck havoc on other people’s lives and bank accounts.


      1. It appears that Carrillo intends to disrupt the city council. Mboka needs to lay down some ground rules right away and demand that she apologize. Every single council person should give a written statement supporting the newly elected officials and against Carrillo’s attitude.

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  4. Carrillo needs to be sanctioned by the council and undertone threats should be looked at by the State’s Atty office. She’s a real piece of work. I hope Ward 6 wakes up and votes her out in 2 years. WOW!

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    1. There is definitely a power play that Carrillo has issued. The mayor and the council’s immediate response will set the tone for the next 2 years. We know she looks down her nose at many on the council. Her nose needs to rubbed in what she’s done.

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  5. Jenn CAN’T handle a spanking when she’s the one on the receiving end.. Hopefully, NEXT election will find the door hitting her in the posterior.

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  6. Just think how arrogant, cocky and still full of hatred Jenn would have been if her comrades all would of won. She would still be mad as hell but emboldened.

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  7. Jenn sounds so professional and every bit the part of a compassionate, inclusive leader she claims to be…haha. If the shoe were on the other foot i.e. someone posting the same message about Gunderson or any of the other socialist candidates you can bet she would immediately play the homophobic or other ism cards and call for unity. Sorry Jenn, you and your ilk lost handily. Your ignorant political positions and antics cost all your pals the election. They can thank you for their respective losses. Bloomington residents got a taste of Democratic Socialism (which is Socialism) and they don’t like it. On another note, I’m pleased to see that the Chamber of Crony Commerce candidate, Michael Straza, was defeated as well. Voters saw right through his platitudes and empty talking points. Let’s give Mayor M a chance. Not necessarily the perfect candidate (who is, right?) but worthy of our support with a watchful eye.

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    1. Does this mean no go-kart track at Eastland Mall or free piano tuning at the West Washington St. Tool Library? Exquisite economy development ideas to send Ward 7 and the rest of the community on a path toward economic sustainability. No gainful employment resulting from either suggestion but what do I know?

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      1. OK, I’m going to take offense on this comment. My Aunt set up a fund to aid WIU students who wanted to set up a a business that would benefit the community. RE: The Tool Library. The Tool Library has not been the only benefit.


  8. Jen needs to be asked to resign NOW. She has never had a professional attitude on the council and is continuing the same. Anyone threatening another council member (or anyone, for that matter) should be fired!

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