County Board: Organized Crime Family

By: Diane Benjamin

This story is Part 1 on the County Board meeting this week. Part 2 is tomorrow.

Know who this guy is?

That is Democrat County Board member Jim Rogal.

Rogal talked the Board into delaying a vote on a new solar farm for only one reason:

He wants to force (intimate) them into using local labor – as in union labor. The builder of the solar farm is getting no tax dollars and it is a private company. Rogal the bully wants to tell them who they have do hire to do work McLean County.

Rogal made one thing clear with his stunt: Companies now know they can’t locate in McLean County unless they use union labor. Government will delay, delay, delay approving their projects.

When does the violence start if they don’t comply Jim? Ever read recent history, even in McLean County when union don’t get their way?

Why is this a SERIOUS problem?

Guess what Rogal does for a living? It’s takes a little digging to find the truth since he leaves some vital details out of his work description: Research & Education at Midwest Region Health & Safety Fund

Read farther down the page:

Rogal works for a Labor Union and holds up a construction project in McLean County for another month to coerce them into using union labor. That used to be called ORGANIZED CRIME. Remember Mafia shakedowns? How is this any different?

Jim Rogal is going to be on the ballot in County Board District 4. If you like corruption you can keep corruption by voting for him.

Just hit play to hear the conversation, at least George Wendt figured it out. The project got delayed anyway:

13 thoughts on “County Board: Organized Crime Family

  1. James Rogal, He/Him,,,LMFAO! Give him another 5-10 years see if he demands a cardiologist that’s union.


  2. Labor unions were formed with the help.of Communists to be later taken over by the Mafia. Anyone that is involved in union management is literally a Mafia member. Anyone benefiting from the organization really doesn’t care. They are crooks and know they are crooks. It bothers them not.

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  3. Another shining example why Illinois has earned the title as the most corrupt state. They are not even trying to hide the corruption anymore. The unions know every Democrat and RINO will protect them so why bother hiding it.

    Other businesses see this crap and they avoid McLean County or Illinois all together.

    Will the EDC call the County Board out for this? I doubt it.

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  4. I encourage everyone reading Diane’s article to Please send it to the other county board members! Tell them not to be intimidated by these tactics. Tell them they weren’t elected to be “potted plants.”

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      1. The do essential services they are suppose to do! It’s called limited government and the best example anywhere in McLean County. Road are great and nobody escapes from jail. What do you want them to do?


  5. “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators, and beneficiaries from those of a professional criminal class.”

    Albert Jay Nock


  6. Sad to see the shift from Penn to Rogal- at least Penn walked the walk to back the talk. Rogal is just Jenn Carillo and Crabill in drag. what do you think it costs to feed that thing ? #SlushFund


    1. Penn is and was just as big of a crime boss as Rogal, just packaged in a different wrapper and just as phoney. Johnny was protector of the working man as long as he could extract part of your wages. If not, not so much. A tough guy if backed up by his union pals, not so much one on one if you knew his shtick and called him on it.

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