Feds forcing boys in girls restrooms

By: Diane Benjamin

The below is part of a slide presented at the 5/26/22 Unit 5 School Board meeting. Unit 5, and probably all local public schools, take Federal money for meals.

The Biden administration now says Federal money will be pulled from Districts that don’t allow boys to use girls restrooms:


Another source: https://thefederalist.com/2022/05/25/biden-admin-k-12-schools-must-put-boys-in-girls-bathrooms-to-get-federal-lunch-money/

Are your kids still in Public Schools?

Ask your kids if it is already happening!

3 thoughts on “Feds forcing boys in girls restrooms

  1. Remember what happened in Loudon County Virginia? This will not end well at all. Their goal is to destroy Childhood Innocence and destabilize children. If your children are still in public school, please get involved! Push back! Speak out! Homeschool or private school are much better alternatives.


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