Middle of the road: College at Veterans Pkwy

Police claim they have a right to protest. Any accidents yet?

18 thoughts on “Middle of the road: College at Veterans Pkwy

  1. Communists have taken control of our country and crazy people are everywhere. I think it is about time for some adults to step in…and do what needs to be done. I will let your imagination envision what I am talking about.

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  2. Just when you think these leftist progressive marxist democrats can’t go any lower, they do. Their goal is to completely destroy our culture.

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  3. Brother K and the Bloodstained Men are heroes. Circumcision is barbaric and unnecessary. Why do we protect female genitals at birth with laws, but not male genitals? Sexist practices much? And the red stained crotches got your attention, though, didn’t it. If their protest saves one male infant from having his genitals mutilated at birth, then it’s all worth it.

    And it has absolutely f**k all to do with communism. Why do you equate genital mutilation as a political issue? Not everything is communist or socialist. Stop being so reactionary. Also, protesting is valid whether you like when, where, or why it’s being done. No wonder I have as much issue with most conservatives and I do most progressives.

    P.S. – Progressives can’t stand their group, either. How does that then make them “progressive marxist democrats?” Someone is talking out of their rear…

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    1. Brother K has and his groupies have zero say so on parental decisions. If you have children and want to choose this then by all means go for it. Otherwise, this is yet another parental decision and the crazies need to stay in their lane. When you give birth, pay for all their needs (medical, food, shelter, clothing, education and the like) then you might have a chance. This is pure garbage.

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      1. Oh, please. $1000+ to Unit 5 in property taxes. But I don’t pay for their needs, eh? I would say the thousands spent on taxes to school districts means that EVERYONE gets to say what happens to other people’s children, don’t they? Stop stealing from me and my family with BS property taxes and maybe you might have a point. I guess I do get a “chance” to speak my piece, according to you. The pure garbage here is how many people are ok with genital mutilation and child abuse.

        But you guys do you. Just know that if you ever thought FGM was a bad thing but you think male genital mutilation is OK then you’re nothing more than a hypocrite.


  4. Seriously they could probably be held liable for distracting drivers if an accident occurs. I thought it was illegal for any person to on any structure of the roadway not pedestrian designated.


  5. I know that intersection well. My brother was killed there! Those protesters are betting their lives at that intersection


  6. How DARE these commie pinko leftist scum try to tell good, GOD FEARING Americans that we can’t amputate crucial parts of our children’s genitals! Except girls, that’s just sick knuckle dragging backward tribal atheist shit!

    My daddy didn’t fight the Nazis in the big war just so babies and children could have human rights and be treated with respect! Bodily autonomy reeks of freedom and liberty, and that’s just UN-AMERICAN!!!

    NOBODY HAS A RIGHT TO THEIR OWN BODY!!!! Sexual slavery for all (men, anyway) from birth, I say!


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