Unit 5 Word Salad

By: Diane Benjamin

In this story I showed the salaries reported to the Teacher’s Retirement System from Unit 5. That is where OpenTheBooks.com gets there data from. https://blnnews.com/2022/04/01/unit-5-did-esser-funds-inflate-salaries/

This chart is from the OpenTheBooks website, it clearly shows salaries increased in 2020 while Unit 5 had fewer employees. This data is used to determine pensions benefits and required contributions. They aren’t wrong.

You can see this data for yourself at the link above.

I listened to the last virtual meeting Unit 5 held attempting to get you to believe they need a tax increase.

I taped the answer to my question on my phone, that explains the video quality. Yes, Kristen Weikle responded when I asked about 2020 salaries, she was followed by a guy who explained merit increases. I know people are looking into those “merit” increases and if ESSER money funded them. Listen to the word salad yourself:

Who isn’t telling the truth?

10 thoughts on “Unit 5 Word Salad

  1. Isn’t she the clever one.🤨 No Kristen, we’re not talking about One Person getting a 7% salary increase. We’re talking about An Overall Increase of Payroll going up by 7%. And those additional employees you’ve had to hire to meet students need are the Diversity Equity Inclusion Transformational Social Emotional Learning Culturally Responsive Teaching Indoctrinators. Yes. We know. Obscene salaries for unqualified people in unnecessary jobs that do nothing to increase math, reading, writing, and spelling proficiency. Unit 5 used to be a good school district. They’ve spent the last 20 years or so destroying it. Parents would do well to Homeschool their children, unless they’re satisfied with indoctrination and brainwashing.

    Fewer Students, Fewer employees, higher payroll🤔. What about budget cuts and your supposed systemic budget deficit. Or is that all smoke and mirrors too?

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  2. It was very interesting to go through the list of salaries in the link. I urge everyone to do so. I also urge you to write down the names and salaries of the teachers you recognize. For a 9 month a year job, they are paid exceptionally well, thanks to tax paying citizens in Normal. Now compare these salaries to your own. I don’t think these people are underpaid at all. Consider also the Golden Parachute Pensions that increase every year by 3%. How many people outside of Unit 5 have that kind of pension deal. I think these belly achers need to shut it. Many of the people they want more tax money from make a fraction of these salaries.

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  3. Lastly, Latishia Baker, the infamous American Flag stomper is still employed in Unit 5 and her yearly salary for 9 months was $87,407.54 for 2020. How many of you fine citizens make that kind of money and complain about it?

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  4. Only in their world do pensions increase every year. They spent the last 20 years making sure their pockets were cushy and many taxieres and parents that questioned it all locked. Not just U it 5. All of McLean County schools

    Many folks get no or pensions. They laugh to the bank

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  5. As these teachers theselves are indoctrinated into gloabalist agendas, those same agendas will strip them of these pensions in the coming years. They’ll go to the trough one morning and,,,it’s gone! Not understanding the participated path they chose, the next turn will lead them to the circle of oblivion. “Justice? No just us.” as the gloabalists laugh in their face. Perhaps it’s just an illusion.

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  6. The DEI executive for the district is not respected by the large majority of teachers. These are largely Dem/Liberal teachers and they are wondering what she does and what value she provides. Someone who will hold a cushy, well-paid position with little expected/actual results. She’ll hold it until she finds a better-compensated position.


    1. She’s not expected to work or do anything. She’s just a figure head. Just another unqualified person in an unnecessary job in order to receive a paycheck. At $98,000.00 a year.


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