Who is buying the 91st District?


Karla Bailey-Smith has less than $4200: https://www.illinoissunshine.org/committees/35846/


Jim fisher hasn’t filed.

6 thoughts on “Who is buying the 91st District?

    1. The state labor union is a mafia organization. John Penn, who used to run 362, is a capo in the organization and is now a regional manager which translates to political manager and arm twister. The Penn’s have ruled 362 and the laborers hall for decades. Think the Teamsters. They take orders from the Democratic machine in Chicago who in turn, makes sure they call the shots regionally and locally. They do anything Pritzker and Durbin tell them to do. They are responsible for making McLean County purple and will soon turn it blue.


  1. According to IL Campaign Cash a website made available by the Illinois Center for Politics Chung now has $60,000 on hand for her 91st District Campaign. The majority of the cash is from two donors. On March 31st she received $25,000 from the Illinois Laborers’ Legislative Committee. And on April 28 she received $30,000 from the Provision Township Democratic Association. So that accounts for $55,000 of the $60,000.

    The Illinois Laborers’ Committee is a non-profit organization. It is connected with the LiUNA Midwest Region. LIUNA stands for the Laborers’ International Union of North America which has over 500,000 members. The Midwest Region represents 55,000 workers. The progressive union represents construction workers, government employees and health care workers among others.

    A web search for the Provision Township Democratic Organization found nothing. But this writer did find the Proviso Township – Cook County Democratic Party which is a page on the Cook County Democrat Party web site. Cook County Democrats have a Statewide Selection Committee that endorses statewide candidates


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