This needs explained by Unit 5 – Part 1

By: Diane Benjamin Part 2: —— Follow-up to this story: shows: In 2019 Unit 5 had 2059 employees – total salary: $85,561,545. In 2020 Unit 5 had 2024 employees – total salary: $90,070,590 That is a huge increase in salaries with fewer employees than the previous year. I FOIA’d the data Unit 5 reported to the Teacher Retirement System for 2019 and 2020. The data below:
  • is only part of what I received
  • I looked up the position these people hold now and added it
  • It is possible they held a different job in 2020
  • the list is sorted by percentage increase
  • names are redacted for now, look at the percentages
  • The first column is what was reported for 2019, the second is 2020.
  • The third column is the difference between columns 1 and 2
  • It is possible some of these people didn’t work the full year in 2019 which makes their increase look higher
  • These are permanent increases, not COVID relief
  • Dr. Weikle claimed on video nobody got 7% raises, really? Wait until you see the full list!
Stay tuned, I will be printing names and the full list. Hopefully readers can tell me what positions these people have now. Why did some teachers get a LOT more than others? Why were salaries a lot higher with fewer employees. Look for yourself:

8 thoughts on “This needs explained by Unit 5 – Part 1

  1. This is absolutely obscene! The people they look to for more taxes don’t get these kind of raises. Many are retirees on fixed incomes. Who do these people think they are, getting such exorbitant raises?? JUST SAY HECK NO TO THEIR TAX INCREASE!! Attend the Community Engagement Meeting at NCHS on Monday at 6:00pm. Voice your opinion. No tax increase!

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  2. Fedup & Not Shocked
    Exactly right but too many citizens continue the Insanity (doing the same thing over & over But expecting different results).
    Sadly in the once Very Conservative McLean County- -the Insanity is not limited to just the liberal left but also to the Large Base of RINOS.

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  3. The teacher contract isn’t hidden. The big increases are likely credit hours turned in, degrees earned, or change of job.


      1. Just keep tilting at windmills then. Like I said, most of these can be attributed to step increases…as in most positions, raises do not work like in the corporate world.


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