This needs explained by Unit 5 – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin Part 1: Things to know: All of the data came from the Teachers Retirement System Not every employee of Unit 5 is in TRS Some employees earning minimal amounts (less than $1000) were deleted for clarity The main list has 923 employees A list at the bottom has another 44 with […]

This needs explained by Unit 5 – Part 1

By: Diane Benjamin Part 2: —— Follow-up to this story: shows: In 2019 Unit 5 had 2059 employees – total salary: $85,561,545. In 2020 Unit 5 had 2024 employees – total salary: $90,070,590 That is a huge increase in salaries with fewer employees than the previous year. I FOIA’d the data Unit 5 […]

Unit 5: BIG raises

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 has another Community Engagement meeting tonight! 6-7:30 at Parkside. See the other two meetings in this story: Maybe somebody will ask them to explain this: Remember Superintendent Kristen Weikle claiming on video nobody got 7+% raises between 2019 and 2020? showed total salaries increased 7.9%. Since their […]

Pension Millionaires

By:  Diane Benjamin The below proves yet again why you should vote NO to the Democrats Constitutional Amendment for a progressive income tax.  Pensions Pensions Pensions! Below are the top 31 pensions being collected in Illinois.  Keep in mind, these people aren’t working for a dime they are currently receive.  An organization called Taxpayers United […]

Politicians gamble on risky investment with TRS funds

Have you ever wondered what investments politicians have made using teachers’ retirement savings? If you haven’t, you should be interested. That’s because the politicians want the state government, and by extension, your tax dollars, to financially guarantee the state pension funds in case they run out of money for government worker retirements. So just what […]

Another view on TRS-Teacher’s Retirement System

I attended yesterday’s TRS presentation at Normal Community High School. Click here to see the presentation: The presentation appears to over-inflate their actual investment earnings. Click here to see results from their site: While I can completely understand the promises made to teachers, similar promises were made to Social Security recipients, present and […]