It’s the Roads Stupid

By:  Diane Benjamin

Number ONE priority of citizens:

Fix the roads!

The budget being considered by the Bloomington City Council has no money for roads except taxes they already increased to pay for repairs:

.04 a gallon gas tax

1/4% Sales tax

The Council will be happy to double the gas tax to fix roads.

Council priorities are not the priorities of the citizens.  They want to build a water park instead of doing their job.  It is a lot more fun to build monuments to yourself than fund essential services.  History shows how their monuments turned out.

From Tari’s first campaign:

From his second campaign:

Since Tari was elected the first time, the City borrowed $10,000,000 for roads and raised your taxes to pay for repairs.  No repairs come out of the General Fund.

Roads are one of the essential services government must do.  This Council has no intention of funding roads with taxes you already pay.

You have been lied to.

Are you going to sit back and allow Tari Renner and his buddies on the Council to continue to NOT fund road repairs?

If yes, enjoy buying new tire rims on your way to the water park.




16 thoughts on “It’s the Roads Stupid

  1. If I were running for mayor, I’d copy this ad on my fb campaign page as an example of the lies with supported facts. Use all of his bs against him. Facts vs lies. Give ’em enough rope and they hang themselves.

  2. NOT to mention Struts, tie rods, shocks, etc. Just ask ANY person that works at a parts store in EITHER town, what is selling! Yes mr renner you ARE leaving a LEGACY! One of neglect of duties, arrogance, hatred, discrimination and neglect of infrastructure!
    And the council votes HOW? yea!!

  3. Perhaps they are planning to implement a 10% tax on car repair services performed in Bloomington (all you mentioned Townie) and a $5 surcharge on every tire replaced. Normal would then follow suit. The funds would be used to build unnecessary water parks that, contrary to what Scott Black peddles, would lose money every year.

  4. The city owes me for 3 tires. All blowouts from potholes. It is hard to drive on the roads too with cars swerving all over to avoid the potholes.
    If they are so deadset on leaving a legacy I propose we put a commemorative sign with their picture on it on every road resurfaced.

  5. Here in our subdivision JOHNEE PAINTER has NUMEROUS memorial potholes, we’ve even thought about putting signs on some that are of “special” mention, like the one on Fairway by the car wash next to the service road. Maybe she can make the speed limit 10 mph there…

  6. Taken from an article on Zero Hedge:
    Title – The Incredible Shrinking Illinois: High Taxes And Low Economic Freedom Have Led The To State Crisis

    “But to give Illinoisans the relief they need, the state of Illinois also needs to rein in the growth of spending. One place to start is the salaries and benefits of its state workers. In 2016, state government workers in Illinois earned 59 percent more than private sector workers on average. Illinois state workers are the highest paid in the nation, when adjusted for cost-of-living. One reason? Illinois gives government unions tremendous negotiating power, which drives up the cost of government.”

  7. Just a thought… State Farm wants to unload their water park. My guess is that Renner & cronies put an “Aquatics Center,” on their wish list, with their eye on that one.

    1. But of course, buy a water park that was built with no intention of making money. Sounds like something this council would do.

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