Make them look you in the eye!

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By:  Diane Benjamin

Poor Mayor Koos.  Normal can’t steal more money from you unless Bloomington votes to steal more too.

The media is allowing Renner to lie to you!

Hey Tari:  Why are tax receipts to date UP 3.9% for the County? Page 7 –   You’ve been claiming taxes are flat in Bloomington, got some proof of that?  Hales claimed a couple of meetings ago receipts looked good, of course nothing is on-line so we don’t know what receipts look like.

Sorry if we find you and Hales difficult to believe.  Numerous lies have a tendency to make us doubt everything you say!

The bird-cage liner printed another Tari lie yesterday!  That “structural deficit” caused by “inflation” reared its head again.  Yes Tari, you built an un-affordable structure.  Inflation has nothing to do with the budget – it’s fun spending other people’s money, isn’t it Tari?  You already raised taxes.  Now you want more!  Are you related to Mike Madigan or is fleecing citizens just a progressive socialist thing?

Besides “Structural Deficit”, here’s some other phrases we are sick of hearing Tari:

“Circle back around” – meaning check the potted plants and make sure you’ve got them in your pocket

“From 500 feet” – meaning don’t examine the issue from earth because common sense might enter into decisions

“No Free lunches” – except for you and the potted plants plus Hales

Does IWU know that your command of the English language is limited to phrases repeated over and over and over?  Tell a lie often enough . . .

General Fund spending is up $25,000,000 in 5 years:

One and half years ago you raised taxes Tari.  You stomped your feet and vetoed the budget until you got them.  According to your own numbers, the new taxes have raised around $5,800,000:

Now you want $9.6 MILLION MORE?

McLean County hasn’t done a good job providing information on the 1/4% increase they want.  Normally building is done with bonds, I have no idea why they jumped at Sales Tax.  Sales tax hurts the poorest more than anybody else!  Do you hate the poor Tari?

The increase is being sold as for “Mental Health”.  Part is, part isn’t.  Included is something to do with Connect Transit and a hub in front of the Law and Justice Center.  Can somebody clarify that?  Transparency is lacking, the County specializes in hiding info.  Part of it is a consultant expects Bloomington-Normal to grow, therefore more beds are needed:

Page 2:

The consultant says we need 224 new beds by 2035. We have 234 beds now. (this counts Booking and the North & South Holding cells-neither of these should be counted for daily housing) 235 + 224 = 458.

In each scenario the amount of current beds used could differ. Part of the old jail would be repurposed. The number 458 is not correct.

The growth in bed demand was projected at 1% annually. That type of growth takes us to a need of 290 beds in 2035.

True, but an additional 20% was added to accommodate peak populations and to allow for proper classification.

See the link above.  A lot of the questions asked couldn’t be answered.  The consultant missed people leaving Bloomington-Normal, Mitsubishi closing, and State Farm shipping people out.  The big spenders NEVER admit defeat.

Monday Night:

Tari’s hand-picked per-determined Tax Force will present their findings at 5:30.

At 6:30 the Council will vote on the 1% Sales Tax increase.

Public comment will be available at both meetings.

Make their life miserable by showing up!  Your money does not belong to them!  Nobody shows up to meetings in Normal, now you know why the increase started there.

Tell them you are watching.  Make them look you in the eye while stealing your money!  Pack the Council chambers and show you have had enough!




9 thoughts on “Make them look you in the eye!

  1. Unfortunately, most of those who spoke on Sept. 14 were in favor of the tax increase. Affixing the term mental health to the equation was done intentionally to garner support. On Sept.15 the Pantagraph reported that the County plans to raise property taxes for the jail expansion. One has to remember that the City approved 3 tax abatements without School district approval–no wonder District 87 wants some City tax revenue. The City just voted to pay $36K to a company to compile paperwork for developing a TIF district from Veterans to Towanda along Empire. Dick’s Sporting Goods will get a special tax incentive to move to Colonial Plaza just like Ashley Furniture did. HiVee was recruited in the same fashion. All of those “deals” remove tax dollars from the City coffers hedging the bet for increased property value and sales tax receipts sometime in the future. This “perfect storm” has been brewing for several years as a result of wasting $$ on feasibility and strategy studies by consultants. Not even a 1% tax increase will remove the deficit even with the Task Force’s proposed spending reductions and fee increases. And, I predict the Mayor will push to spend $$ on Connect Transit and the Soccer Field before the end of the fiscal year.

  2. Just how can the council vote on a sales tax increase so soon after a “purported tax force committee” presenting their findings? Sounds like “We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.” We all know how that worked. Diane, as you stated long ago this is and was a done deal

  3. Add to Tari’s repeated lines, “Rome hasn’t fallen.” I have yet to confront him on anything where he hasn’t used that line on me. Well Tari, Rome did fall and the reasons are many and perhaps you could use a lesson in history. Rome fell due to economic troubles, over expansion, government corruption and overspending, just to name a few reasons. Sounds a lot like Bloomington.

    1. Hit the post button on accident. I have never commented before but would love to. The regressive nature of the sales tax is something I sent to my council rep. I would love to ask them how taxing the poor to pay for middle class kid soccer field is ok.

      1. Show up 10-15 minutes before the meeting. The Clerk will have comment cards you have to fill out. The last meeting I attended had the cards on the table behind the main seating section.

      2. @ jf–Good for you!! There needs to be more people willing to speak. The policy for public speaking does not allow for verbal interaction between the speaker and the Council–they won’t answer any questions. My suggestion is to present your argument from the “first person” perspective.

  4. My gawd! Having just watched the Committee of the Ho’s regarding budget It is particularly sickening to watch a sober fest of compliments for very little being accomplished. I heard nothing that was new. There were no particulars, it’s up to council and staff to tweak, with (suggested by Mr. [never seen a consultant to hire that he didn’t like] Hales) more consultants! This Renner lead body is bad comedy. Makes me want to hurl!

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