Pantagraph Editorial

By:  Diane Benjamin

Anonymous Editorial writer published one today against Tari Renner:

You can decide for yourself why they wrote it.

Even though a comment by Bruce Meeks stating he had never sued the City was published in THEIR paper, the writer allowed Renner to claim yet again Bruce has been suing for 5 years.  Renner also referred to an “email” where he called Bruce “crazy”, but not his Facebook post of a squirrel also meant to imply Bruce is “nuts”.

Facts matter, but the media fails to ask Tari about them over and over and over.

That covers the FIRST paragraph!

The second to last paragraph urges Renner to grow “thicker skin”.  Tari isn’t capable of that, he will not accept criticism from anyone ever – especially females.

The last sentence finally hits all the right buttons.


If the mayor thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and knows more than everyone else, here’s a news flash:  He’s not and he doesn’t.

Renner’s antics will continue unabated until he either resigns

or is removed from office by the Council.


When the Pantagraph prints that point of view,

they may see a turn around in the number of subscribers!



4 thoughts on “Pantagraph Editorial

  1. They forgot to mention the affect Renner’s poor behavior has on economic development. Who wants to bring their business to a City with a Mayor like this? One of the speakers at the Feb 2015 meeting—I believe he said he was a former Alderman—mentioned the bond rating is affected by the perceived relationships within City Hall, mainly the elected officials. The CIP will require the issuing of significant loans. How is this moving the City forward?


  2. Would YOU want to deal with this type of personality?
    i Have heard MANY local business owners say that he is a jackass-plain and simple..
    and those are the words of the folks who TRY and make this a better city…
    NOT the words of someone who is a narcissist..


  3. I think it’s very telling that a Pantagraph editorial about Tari’s outbursts only gets 5 online comments from readers. A clear signal that nobody’s paying much attention to the Pantagraph any longer. BLNNews and WGLT’s least favorite FaceBook page are quickly becoming the sources for news in B/N.


  4. He teaches Political Science, right?

    If that is true, he has the worse sense of optics and no grasp on political reality (if he believes what he says). I read WGLT’s articles regarding the council meeting the other day. His perspective was ridiculous! He blamed ‘political motivations’ for this recent troubles, stating that “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.”

    I must be exceedingly stupid, because I have no idea what that man was talking about. A more lock-step council cannot be found. I think this council would have voted to change the name of the town to “Rennerville” if he put it on the consent agenda.

    Funny! He was VERY upset that he was rebuked outside of the conventions clearly laid out in Roberts Rules of Order under the Title V – Section III – Paragraph 13(a)(1)(ii), entitled “Berating Idiot Mayors”…LMAO.

    He is oblivious to the fact HE brings these issues to the table (at Rosie’s) all by himself.

    I hate to break this to you Tari, but Trump and the Russians had nothing to do with this. Stop acting like you’ve got anything in common with Hillary Clinton (unless you have a pantsuit fetish), and give it a rest.

    It appears that Tari is incapable of understanding that while he is being investigated for P-Card abuse, he probably shouldn’t be using the P-Card (or having one, for that matter). But, no. Our self-entitled Prince of the Prairie couldn’t help himself, having a nice lunch with his good friend Scott at Swingers, mind you after raising our taxes numerous times claiming there were no fat in the budget to cut.

    Such is the nature of corrupt institutions…and men (a term used loosely).

    While we are on the topic of budgets, why is David Hales talking like a fiscal conservative all the sudden?; admonishing the council to seriously look at all programs the city offers and determining which ones need cutting and stating what all of us have known for years now – that our current trajectory is unsustainable.

    I still somehow doubt he will be joining us at the Anarchist tree-house for Jimmy John’s anytime soon.

    Was he being serious, or was he just airbrushing over the mismanagement he himself is responsible for these last years? He must think we have forgotten all the stupid stuff he’s done, like allowing pension spiking penalties costing millions, or farming out yet another study for $50,000 to figure out if parking meters make sense or not. A class of grad students at Illinois State would have done a quality study for extra credit.

    I won’t even mention he wanted to sign another contract with CIAM – alleged thieves of over one million taxpayer dollars under his $200,000 a year nose! All those management conferences he’s attended, yet he never attended the one called “To Catch A Thief: The Good Practice of Auditing Your City Owned Assets”

    Here is the Cliff Notes version: Call an Accountant and tell them you have a job for them. Pay Accountant. Read report. Call Police. The End.

    Poor Joliet. Sumo wrestler size Hale is in the forecast. Your budget will explode 50% in five years and you’ll be all classy just like Bloomington! YAY! Good Luck!

    If you think I’m being ‘too harsh’, or ‘not understanding the complexities involved in blah, blah blah’, I can only direct you to the city web page where you can vote on street designs for the downtown area. There are three or four options. Most look the same except for fonts. Styles aren’t unique, and most likely ripped off from other towns. If more than 4 hours were spent photo-shopping those lame basic boring designs, i’d be shocked.

    That shite cost us over $100,000.

    But HAY! We did get things done the other night, like approving that advisory board to the police department. I am confused, however, as to what happened to the last oversight board that used to be called the ‘Bloomington City Council’? I guess they didn’t want to govern. Seems lazy to me somehow.

    Folks…We’ve got out own little swamp here. They affectionately call it ‘The Horseshoe’.

    Pull the plug and abandon this nonsense called ‘government’ already.

    /end anarchist rant


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