UPDATE WJBC: Going to ever ask questions?

Updated with Audio link


WJBC has posted the audio and a story:  http://www.wjbc.com/2017/10/25/renner-council-spat-shouldnt-impact-city-manager-search/

Tari:   Maybe the Aldermen who won’t return your phone calls understand the public business is required to be done in public.  See the Open Meeting Act you frequently violate.  Of course it could be they don’t want to hear more lies any more than citizens do.

Did you know Tari has Town Hall meetings?  Evidently that is the new name for his closed door open house.

I attacked his family!  The man is delusional and the media allows it.  Tari goes on farther to prove it.


By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner was on with Scott Laughlin again this morning.  He called the “letter” a publicity stunt.

Once again Tari claimed he was physically assaulted by someone who has sued the city numerous times.

When is the media going to ask him who did that?


Bruce Meeks has never filed…

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE WJBC: Going to ever ask questions?

  1. The so called interview of the mayor on WJBC was a filibuster by the mayor. Scott Laughlin had very few opportunities to ask anything the mayor did not want to talk about.

    I do however agree with Tari that Bloomington is on the move. It is in a downward spiral.


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