Fed up with the Renner Lies: Bruce Meeks

By: Diane Benjamin

Bruce Meeks has had enough of the lies the Mayor of Bloomington is spreading.  Today this email was sent to the Mayor.


October 25, 2017


Tari Renner
2 Sable Oaks Court
Bloomington, IL 61701

Dear Mr. Renner

It has come to my attention again that you have been spreading factually incorrect, misleading and malicious misinformation regarding my character, behavior, social interactions, business transactions. This constitutes defamation against my reputation, and I demand that you cease and desist these slanderous and libelous statements immediately.

Please note that defamation is defined as negative remarks concerning my character, behavior, or other aspects that are spoken or written to another person or persons and that you know (or ought to know) are false. Just one of many of your defamatory statements are as follows:

From the Pantagraph newspaper you are quoted “not the fact that I would have sent an email to somebody who has been suing us for five years and calling him crazy.”


If you do not cease and desist immediately, I will be forced to take appropriate legal action against you and the City of Bloomington and will seek all available damages and remedies.

Please respond within 1 day to acknowledge that you have received this letter via a third party and that you have complied with the directive for immediate cessation of defamation.

I do not want any contact from you in person, by phone, USPS or email effective immediately. If you wish to communicate it must be via a third party. If you violate this request for no contact I will seek a civil order.

Citizen Bruce J. Meeks


18 thoughts on “Fed up with the Renner Lies: Bruce Meeks

      1. Thanks. In the comments, there are 3 deleted. Two of which were followed by “are you the mayor?” All but one of 56 were very negative responses about Renner.


  1. Bruce, you keep doing what your doing. I know we haven’t officially met yet, but I have your back. Thanks for having mine when I didn’t even know.


  2. I’d happily throw in $500 to hire a REALLY good Chicago slander/libel attorney. Will some fellow Conservatives join me? Maybe when the City of Bloomington racks up $100,000 in legal bills defending Renner’s worthless hide, his fellow Leftists on the City Council might turn on him. I won’t hold my breath, but it is possible.


    1. If Mr. Meeks doesn’t want the funds, I would suggest contributing to BLNNews to help Ms. Benjamin conduct her research. Nobody will agree on 100% of issues, but I thoroughly respect Ms. Benjamin’s hard work, tenacity, and attention to detail. Perhaps it would be easier for the City of Bloomington to hire you, Diane, to go through the budget and help them out.


  3. GO BRUCE this jerk NEEDS to be taken out to the woodpile ALONG with his FRIENDS in the council! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lies ARE LIES!!!
    ps Let me know. I’d throw in some JUST to see the guy OUT!!


  4. Personally I would have sent it certified mail with a required signature upon receipt. Better yet had a lawyer send it.

    Suffice to say this is beautiful. To bad we won’t have a photo of his face when he reads it.

    He should have CC’d all of the city counsel members. Hey folks you might want to consider putting a leash on him with a choker chain.


      1. “Hey folks you might want to consider putting a leash on him with a choker chain.”

        Should I send this (leash and choker) to one of them and have a tag made that says “Tari”? Maybe they will take it as a hint.


  5. When Tari first became mayor and started hosting his mayoral open houses, I viewed it as a step in the right direction and started attending. Bruce was at every one of these open house events with good solid researched suggestions. It was clear Bruce understood the issues far better than Tari. It immediately became apparent that Tari’s open house events were not about Tari listening to constituents or an open exchange of ideas. The event was all about Tari exercising his power of persuasion. He was in the driver’s seat and this was his avenue of controlling the city agenda. “Come to my open house on Friday afternoon,” because his junk drawer for dealing with all city problems. I saw right away in Tari someone who honestly believed that he could move anyone to his side by his charming personality. When that didn’t work, and it didn’t with Bruce, or a lot of others for that matter, Tari’s next step was to laugh them off. When that didn’t work, Tari’s next step was to demonize them and attack them personally, even lie about their character. I stopped attending when Tari started laughing me off. Bruce kept attending and his relationship fell toTari’s third level of personal attacks and lies to discredit their ideas. This seems to his pattern with just about everyone. Diane, I don’t want to speak for you, but it seems to me that this has been your experience with him. Bruce and you have just stayed in the game longer than most of us. This is why Renner is unfit to govern and must resign immediately.


      1. This is the pattern he’s following with his letter of rebuke that for now at least he’s referring to as a “publicity stunt.” He’s laughing off what the council is handing him. In the words of the Prvadagraph, this guy just doesn’t get it.


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