Dr. Gill Claims a Woman Died From no Healthcare, Turns Out Patient Doesn’t Even Exist

Posted on October 12, 2012 by Warner Todd Huston

-By Warner Todd Huston

Democrat David Gill is having a few problems in his race for the 13th Congressional District in Illinois. Not only did he think he got his nomination on “a cold March day” (it just happened to have been in the 80s that March) but he’s seemingly invented a fake woman who “died” of “heart attack” because of those rascally Republicans.

David Gill seems to be an epic storyteller, for sure. Like Grimm’s fairytales, or something.

Aside from his aforementioned meteorological fairytale, Gill also tells fantastic tales abut his days as a doctor. Gill launched an ad that he felt would skewer those mean Republicans that want to take away everyone’s healthcare. In his ad he claimed to have found a woman named “Susan” who had a heart attack because she “didn’t have health insurance.”

Now, this “Susan” isn’t just the mere subject of a TV ad. Gill, a doctor in his regular life, claimed to have been this “Susan’s” doctor. He claims right in his ad that he tried to save her life and couldn’t.

“One wet Sunday,” the ad sonorously begins, “Doctor David Gill met a 39-year-old patient that he’ll never forget.”

Gill then comes on the screen saying, “We tried and tried to resuscitate her and we didn’t succeed.”

The ad goes on to inform us that “Susan” died because she didn’t have healthcare. It’s a heart-rending story… if only it were true.

Continue:  http://www.prairiestatereport.us/2012/10/12/ill-dem-claims-a-woman-died-from-no-healthcare-turns-out-patient-doesnt-even-exist/

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